Reebok Taps Several Emerging Creatives to Celebrate the Classic Leather Legacy

To celebrate the legacy of its iconic Classic Leather silhouette, Reebok gathered a group of emerging creative talents — dubbed the Classic Collaborators — to showcase their work for the brand’s “Write Your Legacy” campaign.

For the campaign, Reebok said it asked the Classic Collaborators to create a story centered around the shoe, giving them the Classic Leather and the prompt: “Your legacy isn’t what you leave behind, it’s what you create now.” The group responded with a variety of creations such as photos, videos, CGI and a quilt.

The Classic Collaborators for this campaign consist of New York-based visual artist John Yuyi; artist and beauty influencer Kicki Yang Zhang from Berlin; Brooklyn, NY-based photographer and director Myles Loftin; Cambridge, Mass. visual artist Nathanael Layne; and artist and designer Somnath Bhatt, who is based in both India and the U.S.

Kicki Yang Zhang Reebok Write Your Legacy
Berlin-based artist and beauty influencer Kicki Yang Zhang for Reebok’s “Write Your Legacy” campaign.
CREDIT: Courtesy

With the “Write Your Legacy” campaign, Reebok is putting the spotlight on the Classic Leather Legacy sneaker, a new take on the iconic silhouette made to resonate with the next generation. The Classic Leather Legacy features nods to the Aztec racing shoe from 1979 and the Classic Leather runner from 1983.

The Reebok Classic Leather Legacy arrives Aug. 4 on Reebok.com and will retail for $80.

John Yuyi Reebok Classic Leather Legacy
The work of New York-based visual artist John Yuyi using the Reebok Classic Leather Legacy as the focus.
CREDIT: Courtesy

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