Twitter Thinks These Puma Sneakers Look A lot Like Adolf Hitler

The Internet has done it again. This time, social media made a pair of Puma sneakers go viral after likening its design to Adolf Hitler — the leader of Nazi Germany. “Puma Hilter shoes” became a trending search topic over the past few weeks because of the controversial comparison.

The sneaker under fire is the Puma Storm Adrenaline style. The $90 shoes were discounted to $45 and are currently sold out on the brand’s website. Twitter users said the men’s and women’s look resemble Hilter’s signature mustache and parted hair after seeing a top view of the design, which features black suede overlay detailing on the upper and tongue.

“We can assure you that no PUMA product has connections with this person,” the company told FN in a statement.

The Internet called out Puma for the choice in style name for the shoes — Storm Adrenaline — as well because of its similarity to the Nazi Party’s original paramilitary wing, named Sturmabteilung. It’s translated to Storm Detachment, and was often referred to as the stormtroopers.

In terms of design, the Puma silhouette blends street style with sport DNA featuring a mesh upper with suede and leather details. There have been multiple hues seen in different tonal color palettes, from gray and neon to navy and black, and the outsole is inspired by a storm cloud.

Puma Storm Adrenaline sneakers
The Puma Storm Adrenaline’s sole was inspired by storm cloud.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Puma

Debate over the resemblance ensued on Twitter, with many saying the look is coincidental and that the comparison is a stretch of the imagination.

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