Puma and Porsche Have New Shoes Coming — and You Have 2.7 Seconds to Get Them

Update: Nov. 12, 2020 at 4:45 p.m. ET

At the start of the week, Porsche teased a new collection of shoes with Puma that are inspired by the 911 Turbo, and to get a pair you would have to act fast because the pre-sale lasted for just 2.7 seconds. Today, the German athletic footwear brand revealed the eight looks that will be featured.

The line is divided into two collections: “Air-Cooled” and “Water-Cooled.” The Puma Future Rider was used for the “Air-Cooled” looks, which represent the first four generations of air-cooled 911 Turbos: Type 930 3.0 L and 3.3 L, Type 964 and Type 993. The Puma Speedcat was used for the “Water-Cooled” sports cars: Type 996, 997, 991 and 992.

According to Puma, there will only be 500 pairs of each design made and are executed in colors that tie to original Porsche hues including Riviera Blue, Guards Red, Saffron Yellow Metallic and GT Silver Metallic.

The shoes will come with a $150 price tag and will be available on Nov. 17 online via Puma.com and Porsche-design.com. Also, pairs can be purchased in store at the Puma flagship store in New York, at the Porsche Design stores in Los Angeles, Miami and Houston, and at the Porsche Experience Centers in Atlanta and L.A.

Porsche Puma Future rider
Porsche x Puma Future Rider in oak green.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Puma

What We Originally Reported on Nov. 10, 2020 

Porsche has a new line of Puma shoes inspired by the 911 Turbo on the way — and if you want a pair, you better act fast.

The German high-performance car manufacturer — in what its calling “the world’s fastest sneaker pre-release” — is set to deliver shoes inspired by the 911 Turbo via Porsche-design.com. There is a countdown clock on the e-commerce platform now, and when it hits zero a buy button will appear that will last for just 2.7 seconds. The time is significant because its how long it takes for the 911 Turbo to go from 0 to 60 mph.

The pre-sale is scheduled for Nov. 16. The release of the shoe is Nov. 17.

However, there’s much more time for you to pay for your shoes. Porsche said after selecting the sneakers during the pre-sale that customers have to buy them within 15 minutes to complete the order.

This limited-edition collection of Puma shoes, according to Porsche, feature nods to the 911 Turbo including colorways inspired by popular period-specific paint colors and elements such as the iconic rear wing, lightbars, interiors and body lines.

Although Porsche announced the line, it did not reveal the sneaker models it has reimagined. And on the website, the eight shoes are blurred out, only revealing the color palettes.

Additionally, the pre-orders will come with a limited-edition poster inspired by the collection.

Porsche Design has been a Puma partner since 2019 and the two have delivered several high-end sneakers with performance in mind. The last silhouettes were released in August, a trio of shoes using the German sportswear brand’s new Xetic cushioning technology: Xetic M, Xetic M Shift and Xetic L.

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