Peloton’s Kendall Toole Breaks Down Her Favorite Workout Shoes, New ‘Movie Buff’ Series and More

Peloton’s community has grown exponentially amid COVID-19, with membership hitting 3.1 million as of June 2020. However, it’s the community’s attitude that the instructors find inspiring.

“There’s this magic when you have a shared community that’s distant, but you don’t feel as if you’re doing this alone,” explained Kendall Toole, who became a Peloton instructor in June 2019.

For now, though, coronavirus restrictions have removed Peloton’s energetic in-person class experience, which Toole admitted is challenging. “The energy I bring is what I have to go off of,” she said, explaining that she now teaches alone in a studio surrounded by eight cameras. “Protecting that energy, doing things in my private life that help keep me positive, is absolutely essential.”

In this new normal, what also has helped Toole — who has long been a mental health advocate — is strengthening her bond with Peloton riders by sharing personal struggles via social media. “I’ve been much more open personally and sharing my mental health story with members to hopefully empower them, knowing that people are going through challenging times,” she said.

And during isolation, Toole, an admitted cinephile, has been working hard on something Peloton riders are sure to enjoy: a signature series called Movie Buff. “We’ll focus on different themes for each class and enjoy stories about directors with some of your favorite soundtracks, bringing more storytelling to what we do,” Toole explained. Movie Buff will launch Oct. 26.

Below, Toole shares several personal insights including the footwear she wears for her various workouts.

Peloton Kendall Toole
Peloton instructor and fitness influencer Kendall Toole.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Peloton


“Schedule your workout like you schedule the walk for your dog or making breakfast for your kids. And have cute workout clothes. If you look cute working out, you’re going to work a hell of a lot harder.”


“Here’s my top two because I can’t pick one: Alfred Hitchcock and Quentin Tarantino.”


“I love absolutely excruciating ab workouts. I hate them at the time, but I love going through it. I love training my glutes as well.”


“For cycling, it’s the Peloton cleat. My favorite boxing boot is the Nike HyperKO, and when it comes to weight training, I enjoy APLs. Running is the Nike React Infinity.”


“Long runs. I enjoy short bursts — I’m more of a sprinter than a long-distance runner, so runs that are more than 5 or 7 miles, I’m like, ‘I’m good.’ That’s where I tap out.”


“Oh my goodness, there are so many: The Williams sisters, Aly Raisman. I love boxers like Mikaela Mayer and OGs like Billie Jean King.”

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