Where to Get Nike Women’s Sold-Out Air Force 1 ‘Reveal’ Tear Away Sneakers

Nike Women’s Air Force 1 “Reveal” sold-out sneakers went fast after its exclusive launch on May 27, but it’s not too late to get a pair of the tear away shoes.

The resale market has some size options of the Nike Air Force 1 “Reveal” available now, with the majority ranging in price from $150 to $300. It originally retailed for $110.

StockX, for instance, is offering pairs in women’s sizes from 5 to 12, with the lowest ask price of $148. Meanwhile, Goat has options of the Nike “Reveal” Women’s Air Force 1 sneaker is reselling for $155, and eBay has various styles for $250. Other resellers with pairs for sale include Kicks on Fire and Kixify.

The style is meant to be mysterious, hence its name “Reveal.” The tear away shoe features a thin shell of white textile as the upper, which you can tear away to show bright, multi-colored panels underneath.

Details, including “Tear Here” text and scissor-cutting guidelines along the Nike swoosh, prompt the wearer to remove the shoe’s protective covering and reveal the leather panels designed in what looks like hand-painted red, blue, black, orange and purple hues.

Nike Women's Air Force 1 Reveal, tear away
Details of Nike Women’s Air Force 1 Reveal invites the wearer to tear off the lining of the sneaker.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Nike
Nike Women's Air Force 1 Reveal, tear away
Details say to “Tear Here.”
CREDIT: Courtesy of Nike

Inside the Air Force 1 is a bold question mark graphic to coincide with the mystery theme. And Nike encourages the consumer to be creative when unveiling the sneaker’s true design through playful tips on its packaging, writing: “Let it wear over time. Try a wet sponge. Use your fingernails.”

Don’t, however, use a knife, lighter or sand paper and accidentally cut the leather or rip the seams underneath. Hint: your lace tips can help with the reveal.

While the tear away sneaker offers a whimsical twist, the Nike Air Force 1 “Reveal” still stays true to the style’s heritage, featuring the Air Force 1 signature design lines and silhouette that came to fruition in 1982.

Nike has introduced the “Reveal” design concept to other signature classics in the past, including the Nike Air Max 98.

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