Justin Bieber’s ‘Take It Out On Me’ Video Features Nike-Adidas Customs Created by This Emerging Designer

The video for the Justin Bieber hit “Take it Out on Me” was posted to YouTube today, with captivating dancing from Kinjaz of “America’s Best Dance Crew” fame. However, the choreography wasn’t the only eye-catching thing on display.

The dancers in the video wore custom sneakers that would undoubtedly catch the attention of the footwear-focused. The kicks were customs created by design studio CHPTR-3 co-founder Gabriel Gonzalez, who married the Adidas Gazelle and the Nike Cortez. Both of the classic sneakers have deep roots in the breakdancing community.

“As an independent designer, I have an opportunity to introduce new ideas and can challenge perspectives. The idea of mashing up rival brands is intriguing to me,” Gonzalez told FN. “I’m able to challenge the viewer’s perspective on brand loyalty and hype, while promoting an underlying theme of unity. These two silhouettes represent the timeline of footwear in the early days of breakdancing to the current sneaker of choice for a lot of urban choreographers today.”

Kinjaz CHPTR-3 Gabriel Gonzalez Adidas Gazelle Nike Cortez custom Justin Bieber Take it Out on Me
The CHPTR-3/Gabriel Gonzalez custom Adidas Gazelle x Nike Cortez from the Justin Bieber “Take it Out on Me” video.
CREDIT: Jam Zumel

The designer told FN that the opportunity came about after a spontaneous meeting with LeeJ Razalan of Kinjaz, who helped Gonzalez develop the concept of the shoes by providing the narrative he wanted to tell in the video through the dance group.

“I grew up around the world of urban/hip-hop dance and choreography, so after learning about my background and what I do now, LeeJ offered up this opportunity to create something for the Bieber video they’d been asked to be a part of,” Gonzalez said. “I had a whole five days to complete 17 pairs of shoes for each dancer, so it was a very quick turnaround but one of the most fun projects I’ve been part of.”

Although mum on the projects he and his CHPTR-3 label have in the pipeline, aside from something for NBA star Buddy Hield of the Sacramento Kings, Gonzalez did say he expected the placement in a Bieber video to open many doors in the future.

“This was an important, full-circle moment for me. As a brand, we’re still very young, but we have a lot to offer,” Gonzalez said. “The hope is that the momentum from this project will lead to more opportunities to collaborate and explore with other inspiring creatives and brands — any opportunity to connect and share perspectives through design.”

Kinjaz CHPTR-3 Gabriel Gonzalez Adidas Gazelle Nike Cortez custom Justin Bieber Take it Out on Me
A Kinjaz member in the Gabriel Gonzalez/CHPTR-3 custom Adidas Gazelle x Nike Cortez sneakers during Justin Bieber’s “Take it Out on Me” video.
CREDIT: Jam Zumel

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