Hoka One One’s New Trail Runner Is Meant to Make You Feel Like You Can Fly

With its upcoming trail shoe, Hoka One One is confident runners are in for an experience they’ve never had before. The burgeoning athletic brand believes wearers will feel like they can fly.

Tomorrow, Hoka will deliver the TenNine, a trail-ready style featuring a new midsole geometry that’s designed to maximize ground contact for a smooth, stable ride on all terrains. The result, according to the brand, will help runners “take flight” and gain maximum speed downhill in a way they’ve never experienced before.

“We designed this product as a piece of specialized equipment specifically for running. It’s not a lifestyle shoe or a hybrid shoe. Think of these like ski boots or cycling shoes. Using this product for anything other than running may impair balance and dexterity. So don’t wear these on stairs or while driving,” the brand said in a statement.

The TenNine is the biggest shoe to come from Hoka — the brand has proclaimed it “the biggest on the marketplace” — with a 33 millimeter heel height and a 29 millimeter forefoot height. Despite its size and exaggerated heel, the shoe maintains a sleek look. The most notable aspect of the shoe, which weighs 12.7 ounces, is its innovative midsole geometry, which is built with an aerodynamic design that Hoka said “enables runners to capitalize on natural momentum like never before.”

The Hoka One One TenNine arrives tomorrow via Hokaoneone.com and will retail for $250.

Hoka One One TenNine
Hoka One One TenNine.
CREDIT: Hoka One One
Hoka One One TenNine
The medial side of the Hoka One One TenNine.
CREDIT: Hoka One One

Although the TenNine is the latest shoe to be revealed by Hoka, it’s not the only product the brand announced this week. Yesterday, the company announced it will venture into apparel and released on Hokaoneone.com its first-ever collection featuring sustainable-minded performance and lifestyle options. Prices range from $12 to $250, and items are available for men and women.

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