Greats Is Set to Release Its ‘Most Responsible Shoe Ever’

Sustainability continues to be the focus of footwear companies throughout the industry and Greats is set to release a style it is calling its “most responsible shoe ever.”

The Greats Royale Eco Canvas, which arrives this month, is the shoe the brand is giving the “responsible” distinction. The reason for this is because it is made with several eco-friendly materials. 

The upper, for instance, is made from 100% recycled cotton canvas twill. The material is breathable, durable, comfortable and washable, and Greats said it is also Global Recycle Standard Certified. As for the lining, Greats also used 100% recycled cotton canvas twill, however for the inside the brand printed the words “Consider the Collective” — a nod to its mindset of we can’t succeed as a world without considering others.

The sustainability story continues with the shoe’s insole foam, which was developed in partnership with Bloom, a company that makes flexible foams from algae. And the outsole — designed with comfort and durability in mind — is made with 100% natural rubber and 10% Global Recycle Standard certified recycled rubber.

Additionally, to make sure the shoe has good structure, Greats teamed up with environmentally safe lasting boards and stiffener manufacturer Morel to create hidden structural pieces made from recycled cotton. And another Global Recycle Standard Certified component of the shoe are its cotton laces, which are 100% recycled.

“As we continue to take a long-term view on being the most responsible brand we can, we developed the Royale Eco Canvas — our most responsible sneaker to date,” Greats CEO and founder Ryan Babenzien told FN. “Everything from the upper to the heel stiffeners are made from recycled materials. It’s also our first style that will include a Bloom algae insole, a cushioning foam made using Algae.”

He continued, “It’s our commitment to being the most responsible sneaker brand in the world and as challenging as things have gotten because of COVID, we don’t believe that is a reason to become lazy about our commitment to the earth or our customers.”

The Greats Royale Eco Canvas arrives Aug. 5 at 12 p.m. ET via Greats.com. The sneakers will be available in men’s and women’s sizing and retail for $99. For men and women, the shoes will come in white, gray and black colorways. An additional navy look will be available for men.

Greats Royale Eco Canvas
A look at the Greats Royale Eco Canvas.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Greats

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