Everything We Know About the Beyoncé x Adidas Launch So Far

Fans of both Beyoncé and sneakers have been eager for details on her footwear since the partnership with Adidas was announced in April 2019. Adidas launched a page dedicated to the collaboration along with a sign-up for updates. Today, the Three Stripes started to open up about what people can expect.

In a press release, Adidas revealed some of the apparel and accessories that will hit stores, all executed in a color palette featuring solar orange, maroon and cream hues. On social media, Adidas shared a minute-long clip promoting the collection, which provided a good look at what fans can expect.

Here’s what we know so far about the debut collaboration between Beyoncé and Adidas.

The Launch Will Feature Four Shoes — but Adidas Won’t Confirm What They Are

Although Adidas has revealed several details about the apparel, the brand has been relatively quiet on the shoes that will hit stores. The only detail the Three Stripes has revealed is that the line will feature four footwear styles. However, several popular styles were spotted in the minute teaser video that hit social media today, including the Nite Jogger, the Ultra Boost and the Super Sleek, all executed in the palette used throughout the apparel line. In an email to FN, Adidas said it could not confirm the shoe models that will be included in the first drop.

Adidas Is Far More Transparent About the Apparel That Will Hit Stores

The Three Stripes described what will hit stores first as an “array of stylish and functional performance gear that includes gender-neutral apparel and accessories.” The debut drop, according to Adidas, “celebrates power, freedom and individuality for anyone who has the confidence to take chances and live unapologetically.” Items included in the lineup are cargo pants, a utilitarian jumpsuit, a hoodie, cycling shorts, a dress, a coat, a sports bra and more.

The First Drop Will Hit Stores This Month

Adidas stated today that the collection will drop Jan. 18 on Adidas.com and in select stores. The brand confirmed sizing will range from extra small to extra large, and prices will range from $25 to $250.

Fans Should Expect Another Collection in 2020

Adidas North America president Zion Armstrong provided details to FN in early December 2019 about the collections the brand will release — including the work with Beyoncé — and explained that two will drop in 2020. “In terms of range, there are two collections. There is Beyoncé and Adidas and then there’s Ivy Park,” Armstrong explained to FN. “And this is not just athleisure product. We [will also] have performance product. She is a phenomenal creator athlete and is helping us push the envelope in performance product with materials and fit.”

The Brand Expects Kanye West-Level Results With Beyoncé

In late April, an unnamed brand executive told FN that Adidas is confident Beyoncé will have as much success as other high-profile collaborators, such as Kanye West and Pharrell. “It’s nice to have someone from a female lens to push the brand in that space,” the executive told FN. “I know she has two big ambitions — one is more on the philanthropic side of things; we’ve pushed a lot into the world of girls in sports, and she aligns with that. I think that’s one of the reasons she was attracted to our brand.”

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