Asics Makes a Protective Face Mask Specifically for the Needs of Runners

The coronavirus crisis has created a demand for face masks and Asics believes it has the ideal model for runners.

Asics revealed today its Runners Face Cover, a mask the company said was created specifically for runners at its Institute of Sport Science. According to the brand, the face cover — which is made with quick-drying made to cool the air that reaches its interior — “pairs cutting-edge design with innovative air vents that give runners the room to breathe comfortably, while minimizing the spread of droplets.”

“We know how important it is for runners to protect themselves and others when running, but also that many find face covers uncomfortable and restrictive,” Kenichi Harano, Asics executive officer and senior general manager at ISS, said in a statement. “So, we created the Asics Runners Face Cover, uniquely designed for runners with cutting-edge technology. The innovative design gives runners room to breathe comfortably while performing at their physical peak.”

According to Asics, testing revealed that runners felt little difference from wearing no mask and that its model offered improved breathability and comfort. Also, the brand stated testing revealed this breathability and comfort was maintained even at higher speeds where other masks could inhibit performance.

The Asics Runners Face Cover will be available in mid-September and will retail for $40.

Asics Runners Face Cover
Asics Runners Face Cover.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Asics

Asics is the latest athletic brand to venture into making performance masks. Under Armour, for instance, revealed its UA Sportsmask designed specifically with training in mind in June. The model features three layers: one with its Spacer Fabric, an Open-Cell Foam layer and finally one with UA Iso-Chill to feel cool against the skin. Also, the fabric is treated with PROTX2, which Under Armour said is a non-metal antimicrobial technology that inhibits growth of bacteria and has been shown in lab tests to destroy COVID-19. It was released via UA.com with a $30 price tag.

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