Quarantine Routine: Caroline Vreeland On the Changing Influencer Landscape, Self-Indulgence & Wearing Heels at Home

In a new SPY series, FN interviews celebrities, athletes and fashion insiders about their “Quarantine Routine.” They open up about the changes to their daily lives amid the coronavirus crisis. Previous guests include Nicky Hilton, Dascha Polanco and Rasheeda.

Times are changing. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, industries everywhere are faced with uncertainties, causing many to wonder if this crisis will be a catalyst for change. Caroline Vreeland thinks so.

The singer, actress and fashion cool girl, who has used social media to her advantage, said influencing has become diluted. “If you see someone promoting things. It’s too soon. I’ve been asked go do things and I don’t feel comfortable. I don’t see how that fits in,” she said during an Instagram Live session today, noting the “influencer” moniker has come to irk her. “I don’t love that word. I don’t want to bite the hand that feeds me. Using social media to support myself has been a huge part of my career and I’m grateful for it [but] if you’re able to have an audience that watches what you do, I think the best thing you can do is be honest, real and raw and not [have an] angle.”

As far as the fashion industry’s future, Vreeland thinks now may be the time to restructure. “Maybe we think about [making] a collection that may take more time and have more of an impact,” she said. “[Designers] are on such a schedule. I don’t know how they do it.”

For her own business, Vreeland, like many, has been been hit with unemployment. Though she released her self-funded album, “Notes on Sex & Wine,” in February, and completed her U.S. tour just before the coronavirus hit, she said: “I have no jobs anymore. I had no idea I’d be struggling. It’s a lot. Hopefully we come out on the other side.”

However, the artist is looking on the bright side and has been enjoying her time quarantining in Montreal, Canada, with her boyfriend. She wakes up to buttered toast and black coffee every morning and treats herself to a midnight snack of romaine lettuce with chunks of garlic and olive oil.

If you follow Vreeland on Instagram, you’ll know she’s a lover of pasta and wine — and stilettos.

“Give into your indulgences. If you want to be a slug, then do it. If the next day you want to wear heels then f–ing wear them. You have to listen to yourself,” she said. Adding, that after she woke up in a funk one day fashion got her out of it.

“I’m very much the person who lays on their back and watches ‘Love Island’ all day, but I put on a pretty black dress, I put on a pair of heels and it just made me feel better. It did lift my spirits,” Vreeland explained. “You don’t want to say clothes and accessories influence your well-being but it kind of does. Diana Vreeland always said that style is what gets you down the stairs in the morning.”

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