Beyoncé Wears the Ultimate Leg Lengthening Sandals in her Brown Skin Girl Video

Last week Beyoncé released the official music video for “Brown Skin Girl” from “Black Is King,” the visual companion film to her “Lion King” album, “The Gift.”

And if you haven’t had the chance to see any more than the clips and second hand stills of the main event circulating the internet, this was your opportunity to get up closer and even more personal with both fashion and footwear alike.

But while a lot has been said about the fabulous debutante frocks, FN spotted a glaring omission in the coverage to date: Beyoncé’s shoes worn in the film’s mis en scène with Naomi Campbell. Yes, Beyoncé wore the ultimate leg lengthening sandal in her “Brown Skin Girl” video.

The fancy footwear in question is by celebrity favorite Olgana Paris. Beyoncé wore the leg lengthening Olgana Paris L’Amazone sandal in gold with a fuchsia concoction by Monsoori.

“We are very proud of this major moment,” said Olgana Paris designer and founder Olga Djanguirov. “To have Beyoncé wear our shoes for such a marvelous performance as part of the global Black Lives Matter movement has given us so much joy.”

Beyoncé, Brown Skin Girl, Olgana Paris
A still from Beyoncé’s “Brown Skin Girl” video featuring Beyoncé wearing the Olgana Paris L’Amazone sandal in gold.
CREDIT: Disney

Olgana Paris is a red carpet celebrity staple and a firm favorite with Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Gabrielle Union and many more.

The pairing, along with the rest of the fashion in “Beyoncé’s “Black is King” is the work of Beyoncé’s stylist Zerina Akers. Akers is also the founder of the brilliantly comprehensive Black Owned Everything platform she created in June to promote Black owned businesses worldwide.

Olgana Paris, l'amazone sandal
CREDIT: Olgana Paris

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But why is the Olgana Paris L’Amazone sandal style in particular such a winner? Its legendary leg lengthening properties of course. Think about it. The majority of red carpet moment sandals come with an ankle strap. Which, unless you happen to have the pins of a gazelle, have a nasty habit of shortening the leg as they create a break.

Here in Paris we say “ils coupent la jambe” which translates as “they cut the leg.” Chanel ambassador Caroline de Maigret told me that when I first arrived in Paris and I’ve never forgotten it. However, the asymmetric strap of these Olgana Paris numbers neatly does away with the problem as it creates a flow with the curve of the leg. You’re welcome.


Beyoncé’s “Brown Eye Girl” video also features cameos from Kelly Rowland, Lupita Nyong’o and Beyoncé’s daughter, Blue Ivy Carter who takes aa rather adorable solo at the end. 

Watch it all here.




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