‘Go Local, Go Digital’: How Three Italian Sisters Are Taking Their Family Shoe Business Forward

As part of our “Strength of Women” series, the three sisters from Attilio Giusti Leombruni talk about life post lockdown, their new strategy and why family values still rule at AGL. Here’s how the three Italian sisters are taking their family shoe business forward.

How has the company reopened since Italy’s lockdown ended?

“We reopened our headquarters and our factory on May 11. Since then, we have been implementing social distancing rules for everyone’s safety: staggering entrance to the factory through shifts, social distancing, using face coverings and professionally cleaning the premises on regular basis. — Vera Giusti, artistic director

How are you approaching spring ’21 now that things have significantly shifted?

“Our motto is go local, go digital. We have developed a partnership with virtual showroom platform Joor, and we will go live on July 9 with our resort ’21 collection. At the same time we are trying to be close to our retail partners via AGL’s local showrooms: Milan, New York, Paris, Dusseldorf and Munich. We want to provide our partners and buyers the best possible tools to be able to interact with the brand. We have made ourselves available for virtual trunk shows and seminars and to support our valued customers we shot a number of videos and visual materials for any kind of usages. Our relationship with our partner has improved and strengthen through this time of distancing.” — Sara Giusti, head of sales

What have you learned about adapting in this new climate?

“We have noticed how important it has been not to lose the focus on the important things — even when times are difficult. Some of the values that our family has been bringing forward since the founding of AGL in 1958 are still what made the brand strong during the Covid time: attention to quality, our sustainability efforts and the genuine relationships we have been nurturing with our workers, vendors and buyers. During lockdown, the conversations with our partners have been key to understand their shifted priorities and adapt with them.” — Vera Giusti

What are the biggest lessons you learned during lockdown?

“The biggest lesson was learning to be connected and united even if were distanced. As sisters, we have always operated as a trio with face to face interactions and exchanges. This is the first time that we have designed a collection remotely. At the beginning, the remote interaction felt weird, but we got used to it and we have developed an even stronger sense of sisterhood with our team, which is 60% women. This could be a new way for us and will help us in the long run when we start traveling again.” –Marianna Giusti, head of the style office 

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