Ugg Announces New Partnership With Telfar Clemens For 2021

Telfar Clemens is on a roll.

After winning the Accessories Designer of the Year prize Tuesday at the 2020 CFDA Awards, the New York designer responsible for the return of the “It” bag announced today that he would be collaborating with Ugg.

Turns out, this is not the first time he’s worked with the brand’s signature shearling boots: “I have made unofficial, unauthorized Ugg boots in two shows already dating back to 2010. So, I’ve always been obsessed a certain kind of ubiquity and when something really unique ends up on everybody. What I want to do is get down to the DNA of UGG and see what genes we have in common. To get down to the core of that feeling,” said Clemens in a press release on the announcement. “I find UGG really sexy—a soft kind of rugged.”

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Clemens in “FEEL YOU.” an ASMR project announcing the new partnership with the designer and Ugg.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Ugg

To introduced the forthcoming collaboration, which will be revealed in 2021, the footwear brand and designer debuted “FEEL YOU.” — a multimedia project that includes an ASMR video, highlighting the idea of feeling in the plush, shearling world of Ugg, as well as some pretty adorable images of Clemens lounging in Ugg’s classic short mini boots and cuddling with a puppy.

The video also gives viewers a glimpse at how Clemens has been spending his time at home lately. In the film, which features an original track by music artist Ian Isiah, the designer gets dressed wearing his own recently-launched footwear, Western-inspired leather boots, which he paired with bike shorts and a sleeveless shearling vest. “Now this is how you do Bushwick,” he says as he buttons his vest. “Very, like, 2020!”

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Clemens with Uggs and a puppy.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Ugg

The designer also announced the partnership on his Instagram page with a GIF showcasing collaboration’s clever new hybrid logo, interlocking Ugg’s with his own signature, all in glittering rhinestones.

The Telfar logo has become highly recognizable in the past year as his handbags, dubbed the “Bushwick Birkin” have skyrocketed in popularity, routinely selling out — and even crashing the brand’s website. The Ugg collaboration announcement reveals the designer’s logo done in shearling.

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Telfar’s logo done in Ugg’s signature shearling.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Ugg

“Telfar is a true pioneer and visionary and one of the first designers to believe that being unapologetically yourself is sexy,” said Andrea O’Donnell, President, Fashion Lifestyle, Deckers Brands in the release. “At UGG, we believe in the same thing, and that fashion can be real, democratic and aspirational all at the same time.”

In January, Gap had announced a collaboration with Clemens but shelved it after they announced a 10-year partnership with Kanye West in July. The designer has also previously collaborated with Converse and will launch his own footwear soon.

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