Taylor Swift Wears Louboutin Dress Shoes to Transform Herself Into “The Man” in New Music Video

Taylor Swift’s new music video for “The Man” released today, but you likely won’t recognize the artist in it.

In the video, Swift has undergone a dramatic transformation into a bearded, brunette version of a modern-day power figure  — fancy suit, big corner office with a view of the Manhattan skyline, toxic masculinity in full view. The music video shows a day in the life of Swift’s male character, including scenes of him man-spreading and smoking a cigar on the subway, sipping champagne on a yacht full of bikini-clad guests, and using a child to hit on women. All are meant to make a commentary on gender equality or lack thereof.

In her directorial debut, Swift uses footwear, among other fashion elements, to emphasize the wealth, status and gaudiness of “The Man.” His closet includes multiple pairs of Christian Louboutin dress shoes with their hard-to-miss signature red bottoms; styles similar to the oxfords worn in the video range from $850 up to $995. Meanwhile, the yacht scene shows Swift’s character decked out in a $1,020 Versace red and gold print shirt, matched with a pair of showy all-gold metallic loafers.

Later in “The Man,” Swift’s male alter ego is seen throwing a tantrum in a tennis match in what appears to be a set of Adidas shoes; the scene shows her character screaming at an umpire (a surprise cameo from Swift’s dad, Scott Swift) without consequence. The moment stands out as a contrast to athletes like Serena Williams, who was fined $17,000 for “verbal abuse” of chair umpire Carlos Ramos at the 2018 US Open.

Watch the full video below and keep an eye out for more Easter Eggs that Swift hid in the scenes.

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