Sarah Jessica Parker On How Carrie Bradshaw Would Shop Now

New York City certainly looks different today than it did in the era of “Sex and the City,” and that is especially the case for the city’s shopping, once a draw for millions of tourists around the world.

In an exclusive interview with FN, Parker talked about how Carrie Bradshaw has influenced her SJP Collection since it first launched in 2014 — and how her iconic character might shop in today’s New York.

“I think shoppers are shoppers. My guess is she wouldn’t be as fevered as it was then, she might discover she needs less. But I have a feeling that she would still be somebody who really loves the experience of walking into a store, especially a store where she has a history, and feeling a connection to something,” said Parker. “She would tell you it’s irrational and silly, a lot of the time, but for her it’s a way of connecting with something that she sees beauty in. So my guess is that she would still be a shopper but she would probably look at things differently – and need less, be less seduced by a trend or a silly moment. I think she would be like, ‘I’m going to invest in this because I’ll have it five, ten years from now.’”

Turns out, the new shop, which the actress opened on July 7th after a three-month delay due to the city’s lockdowns, has more in common with the character than one might realize: It’s where Carrie used to buy her prized Manolo Blahniks.

“We were both thrilled and daunted by its history,” said Parker of her new store space at 31 West 54 St., the former shop of legendary shoe designer Manolo Blahnik.” Yes, I have memories in this building, in this store. I have real, sincere memories of making those purchases, not making purchases, looking at stuff, and then its role in Sex and the City, and the way we got to be in this store.”

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The actress in her midtown Manhattan shoe shop.
CREDIT: Flo Ngala

Parker and her “Sex and the City” legacy have lured millions to the city before. Can she and (the ghost of) her iconic character do it again?

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