Post Malone’s Gentleman-Like Makeover Includes a Suit & Tie With Tassel Loafers for His Wine Ad

Post Malone took his look to the next level by swapping relaxed clothing for a handsome suit.

In a promotion yesterday for his Maison No. 9 wine label, the “Sunflower” mastermind posted up next to a vintage car in a well-tailored three-piece suit complete with a bubblegum pink tie, white button-down and subtle pocket square.

To round out the sharp look, the rapper slipped on a set of dark dress socks underneath a pair of black leather loafers with a tasseled adornment.

Post Malone’s rosé is selling for $22 a bottle.

Wine isn’t the rapper’s only successful initiative he’s taken to expand his brand, either. He recently created Shaboink, a brand offering stylish and handy cleaning products and protective masks. The venture debuted with a donation of 40,000 N95 masks; all net proceeds from the products’ sales as well go towards Direct Relief’s response funds and efforts.

Post Malone has successfully created four unique clogs through a partnership with Crocs that began in November 2018. After the first Dimitri design sold out in 10 minutes, the two entities went on to create the Post Malone x Crocs Barbed Wire shoe that dropped in November 2018 as well as the May 2019 Rainforest iteration and the December 2019 Duet camo clog.

Post Malone Crocs image
Post Malone in his signature sold-out Crocs Dimitri clog, November 2018.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Crocs
Post Malone x Crocs , clogs, december 2019
Post Malone x Crocs Duet collaboration.

As for the rapper himself, his dressier duds serve as a switch up from his typical outfit combination; oftentimes, the New York native can be found in relaxed silhouettes like oversize T-shirts and slouchy trousers matched to a sneaker or sandal of choice. For his on-stage persona and award show appearances, the singer-songwriter opts for bold colors and funky prints to stand out from the pack.

Post Malone, hot pink, nye, pink boots, cowboy boots, suit, celebrity style, rapper, red solo cup, New Year celebrations, New York, USA - 31 Dec 2019
Post Malone performs for New Year’s Eve wearing hot pink.
CREDIT: Kristin Callahan/Shutterstock

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