Are They Pants or Boots? Monica’s Outfit on Verzuz Sparks a Twitter War

Monica and Brandy brought the best of ’90s music to a Verzuz battle last night and garnered record-breaking views.

The two legendary singers joined forces for an episode of Timbaland and Swizz Beats‘ virtual battle webcast series and caused the Twitter world to go into a frenzy. While fans across the world were excited to see the musicians together 22 years after the release of their hit R&B track “The Boy Is Mine,” there was one factor in particular that sparked a debate across social media: Monica’s shoes.

The “Why I Love You So Much” songstress opted for a layered Fendi top and cropped jacket for the event, all set with a matching printed beret hat. The mind-bending element of the look, though, started with her pants; she decided on a pair of tan leather trousers with a split hem and tight fit, causing fans to question if they were in fact pants or thigh-high boots.

The deceiving bottoms created a divide amongst viewers, with one side believing that they were pants while the other group was convinced she had on sleek boots. Solange Knowles and Tyler, the Creator even joined in on the debate, arguing playfully on the comments section of the Instagram Live as fans watched on.

Fans across Twitter posted similar comments, writing everything from “No lie half of the battle I thought Monica was wearing thigh high latex boots,” to another user question why the proposed boots were “higher than a month’s rent.”

One Tweet even compared the boots versus pants debate to the infamous white dress versus blue and black dress that took over social media in previous years.

In a video shared on the official Verzuz Instagram account, though, Monica can be seen dancing and revealing the split hem of her pants, worn over a matching neutral pair of pointed-toe heels. Twitter user Kaliope also shared a close-up of the shoes, exposing the truth behind the long-winded Twitter war that took place last night.

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