Meghan Markle No Longer Has to Dress According to These Royal Rules

It’s 2020 and dressing guidelines, particularly about what women should and shouldn’t wear, seem beyond archaic. But the royal family is one rife with traditions, including those that dictate — or at the very least, strongly suggest at the behest of the Queen — what the members of the family should wear. Now that Meghan Markle and her family have relinquished their titles, they’ve also unofficially relieved themselves of any perceived or actual rules when it comes to what to wear in public.

It’s worth mentioning that Markle always seemed to maintain a strong sense of self during her time living in London alongside Prince Harry and close to his family. Take, for instance, the official engagement photos in which she wore a sheer dress that, while quite modest, was a departure from royals in the past. Another example was Markle and Prince Harry’s decision not to take hospital photos with their newborn son Archie; instead, they waited until they were home. Or, of course, giving up their royal titles. Still, having shaken any obligation to tradition, Markle may experience a bit of a fashion liberation in this new chapter of her life. Ahead, a few possible theories about what exactly it might look like.

Meghan Markle wedge sandals
CREDIT: Tim Rooke/Shutterstock

She can wear wedges.

It may not be an official royal decree, but it’s widely documented from sources across the web that Queen Elizabeth is not a fan of the wedge heel. Perhaps it’s reflective of a personal preference, but when looking to past outfits, both Markle and her sister-in-law Kate Middleton have avoided the silhouette, specifically when the Queen is around. Considering Markle has relocated to North America, it wouldn’t be shocking to see her embrace the wedge more frequently.

She can wear black in the daytime.

Although Royal family members are required to always travel with a black ensemble on hand — a rule that ensures they are prepared for a funeral in case of emergency — it’s rare to see them wearing a head-to-toe black look for most other daytime events. Now, if Markle is feeling it’s a day for a more edgy ensemble, she can pile on as much of the chic shade as she wants.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry casual outfits
CREDIT: Tim Rooke/Shutterstock

She can embrace athleisure.

It’s a rare occasion that one sees a royal family member in gym clothes or sneakers, with the exception of a public appearance at an athletic event. But already since moving to Canada, Markle has been spotted out and about in leggings and boots while taking a hike. Who’s to stop her from making regular public appearances in other forms of athleisure? Or choosing to wear sneakers anytime she wants? No one. That’s who.

She can opt for a bolder hemline. Or neckline.

At a quick glance, it’s easy to surmise that all members of the royal family opt for a more demure hemline, one that never inches too far above the knee. Similarly, tops have also remained modest with nary an instance of a plunging neckline. Markle’s shown a strong preference for classic and more covered silhouettes over the past few years, including tailored trousers and bateau necklines, but it’s possible she’s interested in wearing a silhouette with a more obvious flash of skin.

Meghan Markle coat outfit
CREDIT: Tim Rooke/Shutterstock

She can ditch the tights.

Speaking of bare, royals expert Victoria Arbiter told Insider say that nude stockings have often been a hard-and-fast dressing essential for Royal family members wearing skirts or dresses. Although Markle has previously appeared not to be wearing stockings while on official royal business, now she’ll never really need to think twice about her decision to keep her legs bare (if she ever did in the first place).

She can take off her coat whenever she wants.

One of the most surprising and definitely silliest royal dress code rules includes not being able to take off one’s coat when in public. While Middleton has publicly abided by this guideline in the past, Markle doesn’t need to concern herself with where and when to keep her coat on. In public? Temperatures warming up? Do whatever you like.


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