Top Jessica Simpson Quotes on Wardrobe Malfunctions, 5-Inch Heels & Cut-Off Shorts

Jessica Simpson is not holding back. The fashion mogul and singer has revealed intimate details about her life guided by journals she’s kept since she was 15 in her new memoir, “Open Book.”

While the book launches on Feb. 4, excerpts have been released this week, which caused many eyebrow-raising headlines. For instance, Simpson opens up about her marriage to Nick Lachey, the infamous John Mayer romance, sexual abuse and a rock-bottom Halloween in 2017 that led to her sobriety.

“I love Halloween, and I love traditions. Since I have had my kids, I’ve hosted a Halloween party for all of my friends and their families, It’s amazing to watch the group multiply as more little ones are added to the mix each year. And I love seeing them all express themselves through their costumes,” she told FN that same year.

Since Simpson launched her eponymous fashion label with the late Vince Camuto in 2005, she has been a shoe industry mainstay. (Sequential Brands Group is the parent of the Jessica Simpson Collection. As part of a larger transaction, announced in October 2018, Designer Brands Inc. purchased licensing rights for Jessica Simpson footwear.) She’s also won big at FN’s annual Achievement Awards, taking home Launch of the Year in 2005.

Here, are some of Simpson’s best comments through the years.

On style:

“I have had many wardrobe malfunctions and fashion mishaps, but I believe that is how we find our fashion sense. We have to [experience] the good, the bad and the really ugly.”

“If someone were to walk a mile in my shoes, they might be surprised to find out my 5-inch heels are always comfortable … metaphorically speaking.”

“Day to day, I love mixing casual with glam, like pairing denim with statement accessories or a great blazer. But overall, my biggest fashion advice starts from within, feeling confident in my own skin.”

On business:

“When you create a brand or have a brand, it’s understanding women and who they are. There’s so many stages of life and I feel like I understand all of them.”

“My business is my family. My sister Ashlee works with us on the line, and I’ve built the collection alongside my mother, Tina. She’s been an inspiration my entire life.”

“I don’t like to set big resolutions. I find that what works best for me is to set small goals. I actually learned it from Weight Watchers,” she said. “If you set a small goal each week or month, you can pretty easily achieve it and then feel empowered to achieve the next goal.”

On family:

“I feel the most beautiful when I am at home, with my family in my cut-off jean shorts and a T-shirt. I am really a homebody, and when I am around the people who I know love and support me through everything, I feel content, and that makes me feel beautiful

“My daughter has cowboy boots, her “heels like momma.” Momma wouldn’t wear heels that small.”

On fame:

“Let me start by saying I don’t consider myself an icon. I am so flattered. I hope — if anything — being this award’s first recipient can help me spread the message that beauty truly comes from individuality and from the inside. Fashion is a wonderful way to express yourself and find confidence. I always like to have a point of view.”

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