Dwyane Wade Debuts New Fire-Red Hairstyle on Instagram

At a time where every day starts to feel the same, Dwyane Wade decided to make a color-packed change. Today, the former NBA star debuted his new fiery red hairstyle to the world in an Instagram post. The image’s caption reads: “When they think they know you — Switch it up! #Free #RedHairDontCare”

In the photo announcement, Wade kept his look color-coordinated and opted for red and white gingham shorts. He paired them with a blue denim and black, long sleeve shirt. For accessories, the former Miami Heat player opted for a navy beanie to tie the ensemble together.

Recently, the Li-Ning partner’s 12-year-old daughter, Zaya, dyed her hair pink while social distancing.

And this is not the first time during the quarantine that the athlete embraced color to brighten the day and stimulate creativity. Last month, in April 2020, Wade shared his excitement over his tie-dye Uggs, from the Ugg x Ovadia collection, with his social media followers. His wife, Gabrielle Union’s Instagram stories captured Wade showing off the cozy slippers with a head-to-toe red ensemble, showing is already existing affinity for the color.

Whether this was a spur of the moment change, it shows his pride for his basketball alma mater roots and surely will add some vibrancy to the day.

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