Chloe x Halle Wear High Heels on the Tennis Court For Fendi’s New Campaign

It’s a weird time to get dressed. With many people staying home, the need for wearing high heels is, well, nonexistent — especially when the “ugly” sandal also happens to be dominating the summer.

But those circumstances didn’t deter music artists Chloe x Halle from putting on a few frilly, lacy evening gowns and the highest of heels for their new campaign with Fendi. They even took their over-the-top looks to the tennis court, giving a whole new meaning to “tennis whites” with chunky white platform heeled loafers and square-toed booties from the Italian luxury brand.

chloe x halle, fendi, fendi peekaboo, fendi shoes, fendi bag
Chloe (left) and Halle (right) in their self-directed Fendi campaign video.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Fendi

In fact, Fendi (which also recently partnered with Sabrina Carpenter for its TikTok debut) gave the sister duo carte blanche to create their own video for the campaign, which pays homage to the brand’s Peekaboo bag. 22-year-old Chloe and 20-year-old Halle used the song “Busy Boy” from their new album “Ungodly Hour” as the soundtrack to the mini-film, which starts on the court with the sisters wearing coordinating lace chiffon gowns (Halle’s with an oversized Fendi logo belt in gold), white heels and coordinating Peekaboo top-handle bags.

The next scene shows them toasting each other at a table, clad in coordinating checked blazers, the bags a part of the tabletop cornucopia.

chloe x halle, fendi, fendi peekaboo, fendi shoes, fendi bag
Chloe of Chloe x Halle in Fendi for the brand’s Peekaboo campaign.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Fendi

“Working side by side as sisters is truly a blessing,” the duo said in the brand’s press release for the campaign. “Constantly having someone by your side, who is going through the same journey as you, is comforting and so very important. Especially when you’re in the limelight and sharing your life with so many people. Having someone there to hold your hand along the way is refreshing.”

The film ends with the sisters in the pool and a white Peekaboo bag floating on top of the water.

chloe x halle, fendi, fendi bag, fendi peekaboo, fendi shoes
Chloe x Halle for Fendi’s Peekaboo campaign.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Fendi

Aside from creating the campaign, Chloe x Halle revealed that are spending time at home working on more visual content for the “Ungodly Hour” album. The duo also had a few words of wisdom to part with: “With everything going on in the world, it’s so easy to get down and give in to the uncertainty of the future,” they said. “But this year 2020 is not over yet, and through the darkest times, come the most beautiful sunrises. Don’t be afraid to continue speaking up for justice, and for what’s right. Let’s make the future generations proud of us.”

chloe x halle, fendi, fendi bag, fendi peekaboo
CREDIT: Courtesy of Fendi

To buy: Fendi Peekaboo X-Lite medium bag, $4,400.

To buy: Fendi ankle boots, $990.

fendi, chloe x halle, fendi shoes, fendi bag
CREDIT: Courtesy of Fendi

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