These Tech Companies Are Hiring Amid the Remote Working Boom

While layoffs and furloughs are dominating the headlines right now, a number of digital companies are continuing to expand their workforces.

The surge in the use of remote collaboration software is bringing more business to tech players — and with it, a need for more staff.

Monday.com is a digital project management platform that lets users assign tasks, track progress and keep everyone on the team up to date. It counted 350 employees at the end of 2019 — and management planned to double that figure in 2020. Rather than delay those plans, the company is taking advantage of the at-home working boom.

“We feel a responsibility to ensure the hundreds of thousands of people around the world who rely on Monday.com are equipped for remote work during this time,” said Leah Walters, head of communication at Monday.com. “We’re fortunate to be in a position to continue hiring right now and we need all the talent we can get to help us achieve our goals.”

Zoom, the ubiquitous video conferencing tool, has hundreds of open positions listed in multiple cities around the world, while workflow management company Asana is recruiting across its engineering, product development and business strategy teams, among others.

For Airtable, a digital workspace platform that combines spreadsheet and database capabilities, the popularity of the tool during this period has provided financial stability for the company. As a result, it has been able to continue hiring for staff across multiple offices.

“This year, we opened two new offices in the South Bay of San Francisco and in Austin, where numerous of our large customers are based,” said a spokesperson for Airtable. “In addition to these two offices and our HQ in San Francisco, we have a growing office in NYC as well. Although our teams are currently working remotely, we’ll continue to grow our presence in those regions aggressively this year.”

Remote collaboration software is not the only segment seeing hiring activity. Enterprise technology firms, such as Salesforce and Amazon Web Services, as well as financial services like Brex and Afterpay are actively recruiting. Digital design company Figma is also hiring.

As they meet with candidates, the companies are leaning on virtual tools to replace in-person interviews.

For example at Monday.com, the company is using its own platform as well as other programs such as Zoom, Figma, CoderPad, WhiteBoard, and Codility to interview job seekers.

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