These Retailers Are Now Requiring Face Masks for Consumers

In light of the increase of COVID-19 cases across the U.S., many stores are now requiring face masks.

States such as Michigan and New York have issued executive orders requiring all businesses to enforce a mask policy and many larger corporations have hopped on this bandwagon.

According to the Center for Disease Control, cloth face coverings in public settings are recommended as they are most likely to reduce the spread of the coronavirus by providing a barrier to prevent respiratory droplets from traveling into the air and onto other people.

Emerging studies have found evidence supporting that cloth face coverings are effective in slowing the spread of COVID-19.

Store policies state that anyone entering the business will be denied service without a face covering. The only exception to these rules are small children under the age of 2 and those who are unable to wear a mask due to a medical condition.

According to Target, its company-wide mask policy “builds on the more than 80% of [their] stores that already require guests to wear face coverings due to local and state regulations.”

Stores with mask mandates include:

  • American Eagle: Already in effect.
  • Apple: Already in effect as of May.
  • Best Buy: Already in effect.
  • CVS: Will go into effect July 20.
  • JCPennt: Already in effect.
  • Kroger: Will go into effect July 22.
  • Kohl’s: Will go into effect July 20.
  • Nordstrom: Already in effect.
  • Starbucks: Already in effect as of July 15.
  • Target: Will go into effect August 1.
  • Walgreens: Already in effect.
  • Walmart: Will go into effect July 20.
  • Verizon: Already in effect.

“With the recent spike in COVID-19 infections, we’re joining others in taking the next step and requiring all customers to wear face coverings,” CVS tweeted Thursday.

While it is encouraged that you bring your bring your own mask, some of these stores offer masks to their patrons upon entrance. According to Best Buy’s In-Store Safety Policy, they will “supply a face covering if you don’t have one.”

Continue to check back for updates.

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