Why Common Ace Is the Online Sneaker Resource Women Sneakerheads Need

The days of women sneaker lovers having to open multiple tabs to search for the latest drops could soon come to an end.

Common Ace, the female-focused destination created by two of the most respected women in sneakers — Sophia Chang and Romy Samuel — will make its debut on May 15. This one-stop shop was designed to give consumers the ability to shop seamlessly with unparalleled variety and accessibility. (The site will also allow users to search by designer and offer access to other categories including streetwear, bags, accessories and art. )

“We are currently a one-stop shop centralized platform that will allow women to shop from multiple sneaker retailers globally. Just like how Kayak is for flights, Common Ace is for women’s sneakers,” Chang said. “Our platform serves as a home and center hub for sneaker-loving females, offering them accessibility via one single website rather than having 10 tabs open while browsing.”

Ahead of the launch, Chang shared insight with FN about why Common Ace is a necessity for women sneakerheads in a difficult to navigate marketplace.

Footwear News: What makes Common Ace such a vital resource to women sneaker consumers?

Sophia Chang: “Typically, the female shopper needs to scroll endlessly and have multiple tabs open just to browse. With limited access to styles, drops, sizes and often housed on sneaker websites that lack proper user experience. Women have been craving for a center hub that is well designed, empowering and celebrates their creative fashion needs. We are here to organize the chaos of the online sneaker market and tailor it to our female consumer by creating a one-stop shop where they can shop from multiple retailers at once. We believe in a curated online marketplace for women to have access to shop seamlessly. Offering the greatest amount of options, variety and accessibility. Powered by the weight of our community, we are here to celebrate equality and inclusivity.”

How long has Common Ace been in the works? And why is now the time to launch?

SC: “Common Ace has been a need for decades since the birth of sneaker culture. Now is a greater time than ever as digital commerce is our new normal and the female voice has been craving better accessibility in the sneaker market. More than anything, we want to create access and options for ourselves so that we are solving a problem of our own which we know as active players in sneaker culture — this hub/gathering place is much needed.”

What main benefits will Common Ace provide to women sneaker shoppers?

SC: “Connecting the global community of sneaker enthusiasts through content and commerce [with] access [to a] unique marketplace deeply underserved in fashion. Options [within a] curated online marketplace to find sneakers for women, by women — the greatest amount of options/variety and best accessibility. [And a] community [with] equality/inclusivity, working and being supported by the best women in the industry and inspiring and creating a community for all women of all ages to connect to the one love of sneakers — creating joy, feeling of accomplishment and empowerment.”

What are both the short- and long-term goals for Common Ace?

SC: “Our short term goal [is to] raise awareness and develop a community and home online for sneaker enthusiasts. Our long term goal, we aim to develop a single checkout process for our users to have a more cohesive shopping experience. Ultimately create partnerships and support for online and local retailers within the sneaker industry.”

Common Ace
The Common Ace homepage.
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