Sneakersnstuff Taps a Graffiti Legend to Encourage People to Vote

Sneakersnstuff is encouraging people to get out and vote with the help of a graffiti legend.

The renowned sneaker boutique commissioned famed graffiti artist Kunle Martins of the city’s well-known IRAK crew to deliver a pro-voting statement. Martins updated the SNS billboard in New York City’s Meatpacking district with a message hoping to motivate people to register and vote in the upcoming election.

“The whole point of this is to try and bring a community together. We’re all used to isolation on our phones, and now in our own apartments. We’re missing this huge opportunity to bypass who has what sneaker and what job and stop and say, seriously — we need to show up,” Martins said in a statement.

Aside from giving the billboard a new look, SNS revealed wheatpastes with QR codes on them that are placed throughout Los Angeles and NY that link to its “When We All Vote” landing page to register to vote. You can also register to vote through the retailer via Whenweallvote.org/sns.

SNS Sneakersnstuff Kunle Martins IRAK
Kunle Martins in NYC creating the pro-voter SNS billboard.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Alessandro Simonetti
SNS Sneakersnstuff Kunle Martins IRAK
The SNS pro-voting wheatpastes in NYC.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Alessandro Simonetti

Although SNS is the latest retailer to encourage people to vote, it’s not the only one. Aside from SNS, other brands and retailers to get the pro voting message out include Nike, Reebok, Levi’s and many others. (A list of brands and retailers in the footwear and fashion industries encouraging people to vote can be viewed here.)

SNS Sneakersnstuff Kunle Martins IRAK
The SNS pro-voter billboard in NYC.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Alessandro Simonetti
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