Shopify Launches ‘Shop,’ A Mobile App That Lets Consumers Browse, Buy & Track More Brands

Shopify, the platform that supports e-commerce sites for brands such as Allbirds and Universal Standard, has launched its own app: Shop. The mobile app will allow consumers to browse local favorites, make purchases, track orders and receive tailored recommendations in one digital place.

Shop is available on both iOS and Android and will utilize features from Shopify’s existing e-commerce product. Shop Pay, the company’s one-click accelerated checkout function, has been used to process over $8 billion in sales; Arrive, its online order tracking service, counts 16 million users to date. Both are now built into the Shop app experience.

“In the last decade, Shopify has focused on solving complex problems for entrepreneurs by making commerce seamless and accessible,” said Carl Rivera, GM of Shop. “Now we want to do the same for customers.”

Rather than visit each brand’s individual e-commerce site separately, users can shop each online store within the Shop application. Customers who make purchases from multiple stores will be able to see all their orders and tracking information grouped together.

Shopify Shop app shows the tracking screens for online orders
The Shop app stores the tracking information for each order in one location.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Shopify

The launch comes as many consumers are avoiding retail stores and instead are relying more heavily on e-commerce; Shop is designed to streamline the online shopping journey. While the app is intended for long-term use, it includes functions that specifically target some of consumers’ more immediate concerns, such as safe delivery methods and supporting the community.

“We set out to solve the common pain points in the customer’s shopping journey, while developing specific features — like local business discovery — that will be relevant today and in the future,” said Rivera.

For shoppers looking to support businesses in their neighborhood, the app includes an option to leverage the shipping address to suggest local recommendations; those stores offering pick-up will be marked as such. Users can also “follow” stores for easy future access, as well as receive tailored recommendations and deals based on their past purchasing and browsing history.

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