Mango Stores Are Opening Back Up — Here’s How It Says It Will Keep Workers and Shoppers Safe

By the end of the month, more than 620 Mango stores will have opened back up to the public.

The Spanish clothing brand announced today that 135 outposts around the world have already reopened following coronavirus-prompted closures. It expects this count to increase by 483 during the remainder of April.

The first countries in which Mango resumed store operations were Austria and the Netherlands, where authorities have permitted a respective four and 16 outposts to reopen. Roughly 60 of its stores stayed open in 17 countries where the COVID-19 outbreak has had a “lower impact” — such as Finland, Indonesia, Norway and South Korea — while more than 50 stores in countries including China have reopened in the last few weeks.

Many stores in Europe also recently began the reopening process: More than 100 locations across the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Georgia, Germany, Latvia and Ukraine are anticipated to open back up in the next several days.

As the fast-fashion group prepares to revive its fleet, it plans to adopt “extraordinary” safety measures, including limiting the number of customers allowed in stores and reducing operating hours as well as supplying personal protective equipment to associates and shoppers.

“Mango’s priority is the health of its employees and customers,” the company said in a statement. It has continued to sell to shoppers online during the pandemic, as both its logistics warehouse and delivery network remained open “with the exception of some restricted areas.” (At the end of 2019, online sales accounted for nearly 24% of Mango’s total revenues.)

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