Lacoste Is Giving Shoppers Real-Time Updates on Store Cleanings, Plus New Pickup Service

Having opened store locations in four states, Lacoste is the first brand to showcase real-time health and safety initiatives powered by technology company Yoobic. The partnership has been rolled out across open Lacoste stores in Texas, Florida, North Carolina and Ohio, and is designed to help keep customers informed and comfortable as they shop.

Yoobic is most known for its frontline employee app, which offers a platform for managers to set tasks, upload a library of resources and keep in touch with employees on the floor. But in this new partnership with Lacoste, the Yoobic platform will provide information directly to customers, through the scanning of conveniently placed QR codes throughout the store.

Customers who scan the codes will be able to access up-to-date information on when the store was last professionally cleaned. They can also find out the current capacity of customers in-store and where they will be able to obtain complimentary masks and sanitizers. Additional information will address the various steps Lacoste is taking to keep the space clean and provide reminders on important safety protocols.

In a statement, Lacoste described these cleaning protocols as including “the hiring of a third-party professional cleaning service, checking and cleaning HVAC systems, and disinfecting dressing rooms and payment terminals before and after each customer.” Stores will be cleaned prior to opening and again at midday, with in-store signage detailing these procedures throughout the customer journey.

Customers who are wary of stepping inside without an inventory guarantee can scan QR codes in the storefront window, in order to gain visibility into the store’s stock on hand. Customers can then purchase online, have the order fulfilled by an associate and then receive their items outside or in their vehicle, as part of Lacoste’s new “Street & Collect” program. Lacoste will also use QR codes to provide more information on the brand’s heritage items, such as the how the L.12.12 polo is made.

To support its VIP customers, the brand has introduced technology-supported white glove service in the form of its new “Croco Concierge” feature. Through Croco Concierge, customers can book virtual personal shopping appointments and then schedule time to shop during pre-opening hours.

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