Kanye West Demands Spot on Adidas’ Board — and Will Wear Jordans Until He Gets a Seat

Update: Sept. 24, 2020 at 1:30 p.m. ET

Hours earlier, Kanye West demanded to be on the Adidas and Gap boards. Now, the rapper-turned-designer is tweeting that he would hope to collaborate with Nike once appointed.

“My first pillar when I’m on the board of adidas will be an adidas Nike collaboration to support community growth,” West wrote on Twitter.

What We Originally Reported

Kanye West is demanding to be on the Adidas and Gap boards.

The rapper-turned-designer took to Twitter to express his demands, also sharing somewhat of a threat (albeit with product) toward each company he is aligned with if he is not added to their boards.

“I’M WEARING JORDANS TILL I’M ON THE BOARD OF ADIDAS,” West wrote on the social media platform. He followed that tweet with, “I’M NOT RELEASING NOTHING ON GAP TILL I’M ON THE BOARD.”

This isn’t the first mention this month of boards. On Sept. 10, the rapper-turned-designer revealed on Twitter that he didn’t have a board seat at Gap or Adidas, also writing “Black board seats matter” on the social media platform.

Gap and West announced on June 26 that they had struck a deal. After creating for Nike, the multihyphenate signed with Adidas in 2013.

Specifically concerning Air Jordans, West has made mentions of his desire to wear the footwear as of late, most notably during an appearance on Nick Cannon’s “Cannon’s Class” on Sept. 1.

“In my Adidas contract, I definitely should be able to wear Jordans. Jordans need to be part of reparations. You can’t tell a Black man not to wear Jordans,” West said during the conversation with a laugh. “Any deal [should say], ‘But you could wear Jordans.'”

West’s activity on Twitter recently has included claims of being Adidas’ leader and shots at the brand’s rival, Puma.

“I am the head of adidas,”  West wrote in a tweet on Sept. 18. “I will bring adidas and puma back together and bring me and jay back together … all pumas designs are embarrassingly trash but I will personally design puma and adidas and make everything ok.”

The next day, West apologized for his comments about Puma.


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