Geox Founder Opens Up About Pandemic Strategy + Pushing Innovation & Sustainability for Spring ’21

Before Geox’s spring ’21 presentation at Milan Fashion Week tomorrow, chairman and founder Mario Moretti Polegato talked to FN about ramping up digital and customer service during the pandemic, the significance of holding an in-person event and what’s new for spring.

What are the biggest lessons you are learning during the pandemic and how are you changing your strategy?

The COVID-19 pandemic has had, and continues to have, significant health, economic and social repercussions on a global scale. Right from the start of the emergency, Geox has faced these exceptional circumstances, first and foremost, by safeguarding the health of its people and by adopting all the necessary measures to protect them.

With regards to business, we focused our attention on keeping the relationship with our customers. We already had plans to improve our service in order to offer a better shopping experience and communication to our audience, but during this exceptional situation, we realized this was even more crucial for our strategy. Our goal is to define a digitally-driven customer service that is able to guarantee high-quality services and experiences, not only in our physical stores but also on the other channels — like our direct e-commerce which recorded a relevant growth despite the difficult situation caused by the pandemic.

We are convinced that this approach, combined with our brand’s values, such as sustainability and people’s well-being (more relevant now than ever), will allow us to meet the new needs and consumption habits of our increasingly selective customer base.

Geox Spring 21 sandal
Geox spring ’21 sandal
CREDIT: Courtesy of Geox

What are you doing to support Italy’s recovery and why was it important to have a physical presentation at Milan Fashion Week?

We cannot deny that we are all experiencing an unexpected situation, which will probably entail our approach to life and business forever. However, we need to keep working with the same passion, commitment and personal approach while adapting to the new reality. That is why we decided to showcase our collection at Milan Fashion Week with an event in presence and give a message of positivity and confidence.

Mario Polegato, Geox
Mario Polegato, Geox

 What is your favorite part of the collection and why? 

The collection showcases many elegant and feminine styles in a fresh palette of colors. However, as you know, I love innovation — that is where Geox was born from. So I love to speak about new technological products. This season, the new project is Spherica for both men and women, an ultra-light sneaker crafted from hi-tech fabric featuring the Zero-Shock system, which cradles the foot with a completely new cushioning system made up of two different-density EVA layers extending over the entire surface of the breathable outsole. Besides this, I am very proud to talk about Aerantis, our iconic sneaker featuring a sophisticated ventilation system, presented this season in a new sustainable livery, with the upper made of a nylon yarn made from recycled fishing nets and other plastic materials retrieved from the sea.

Geox Men's Spring '21
Geox Men’s spring ’21
CREDIT: Courtesy of Geox

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