FN’s ‘Leading in a Crisis’ Webinar Series Continues Wednesday: Deckers CEO Dave Powers to Talk Agility, Connectivity in Tough Times

As the coronavirus crisis reverberates across every part of the footwear business, FN’s  webinar series “Leading in a Crisis,” continues to reveal the most effective strategies for dealing with the impact of the pandemic.

On April 8 at 11 a.m., Deckers president and CEO Dave Powers will join FN Editorial Director Michael Atmore for a candid conversation about “Understanding the Crisis Culture.”

As he helms California-based Deckers’ heavy-hitting portfolio of fashion lifestyle and performance brands — including Ugg, Hoka One One and Teva — amid the global health crisis, Powers will break down how he’s navigating adversity, tapping into agility and nurturing key relationships.

Decker’s Ugg label has been in the spotlight as a popular stay-at-home shoe choice, and consumers have been searching for the brand’s slippers, digital platform Lyst reported last week.

Michael Atmore
FN Editor-in-Chief Michael Atmore.

Powers will also discuss strategies for contending with Wall Street and investors’ financial expectations, whether the pandemic is boosting comfort footwear and big predictions for a post-COVID-19 retail landscape.

FN launched the weekly “Leading in a Crisis” webinar series last Wednesday, featuring Foot Locker president and CEO Dick Johnson as its first guest.

Johnson last week said he believes the industry will be healthy and consumer spending will return to normal after the crisis ends. However, he said, without having a playbook for the situation retail finds itself in, the decisions his executive peers have had to make to bring about this confidence have been painstaking.

The uniqueness of a pandemic, the executive explained, has created a situation no one in retail has seen before.

“This is different from the financial meltdown. This is different from the internet, the dot-com bubble [that] burst back in the early 2000s. In those cases we never said let’s stop the economy, [and] let’s focus on something else other than the economy,” Johnson said.

Foot Locker has 3,129 retail stores in 27 countries across North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. And because of the current ability to only shop online, Johnson believes retail will operate differently after the coronavirus crisis.

ugg, cozette slippers, brown
Ugg slippers have been a popular choice for many during the stay-at-home period.

“I think that we will come out of this a little bit changed from a humankind point of view. We will adapt accordingly. I think the thing I see going forward will certainly be digital connectivity and how that manifests itself in a physical store,” he said.

Tune in on April 8 at 11 a.m. to get an inside look at Powers’ plan to steer Deckers through global crisis and unprecedented change. To register, click here.

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