Assocalzaturifici Inks Partnership to Provide Global Dropshipping Capabilities

Italian footwear association Assocalzaturifici launched a partnership with dropshipping company Brandsdistribution that aims to help its members sell and quickly distribute shoes globally.

The two partners on Monday rolled out a platform called BDroppy, which provides brands with access to more than 400,000 e-tailers.

For the many brands in Italy without a strong e-commerce presence, solutions like dropshipping can provide a new way of generating and fulfilling sales, despite the continued store restrictions in the country. By sharing their product catalog with e-commerce sellers, brands are able to leverage existing online retail networks and still reach customers.

“This represents a concrete opportunity for many of our member companies that produce high-quality goods but do not have the necessary resources themselves to emerge in the world of e-commerce,” said Siro Badon, chair of Assocalzaturifici.

Through BDroppy, brands can also utilize Brandsdistribution’s experience in the market; the company counts 450,000 retailers registered worldwide, 1.2 million views per year and completed sales over 100 million euros. The platform will offer its users access to a global market, including the U.S. and countries across Europe.

To participate, both brands and retailers can apply to join the platform. To ensure quality control and a reliable customer experience, BDroppy assesses the products and fulfillment capabilities of all applicants before allowing them onto the platform. Once approved, products join an existing catalog of hundreds of thousands of items.

While the coronavirus pandemic has triggered a greater need for brands to sell online, dropshipping has been a growing channel of sales. For Brandsdistribution, the platform provides a way for companies to invest in their global reach and address technological shortcomings.

“When we launched BDroppy, our aim was to offer brands and retailers practical help in expanding their business horizons by joining a worldwide platform,” said Carlo Tafuri, COO of Brandsdistribution. “Thanks to our platform, it only takes a single click to reach not only thousands of dropshippers all over the world but also to connect with a vast public through online marketplaces.”

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