You Can Now Customize Amanu Studio’s Made-to-Order Sandals Online — Here’s How

Like many companies that relied on its brick-and-mortar experience, Amanu Studio had to quickly adapt and shift its strategy due to retail shutdowns as a result of the coronavirus crisis. So for the past three months, founder Anita Patrickson has been working hard to bring that same in-store experience digitally with a new e-commerce site, which officially launched today.

“This happened and we realized how vulnerable we were,” Patrickson told FN. “We had to make this major shift to online but without compromising what we stand for.”

Amanu, which is known for its made-to-order, sustainable sandals, is now offering customers access to fully customize their sandals online just as they would in-person at the brand’s West Hollywood, Calif. location.

And it’s easy. All shoppers have to do is go online, choose one out of 11 sandal styles to customize, pick a color base and then they can visually play around with a range of color and material options for each sandal strap.

Amanu customizable sandals website
Customers can choose from a nude or black leather base.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amanu

What sets Amanu apart is its ability to create a shoe in about 30 minutes so customers can expect their bespoke sandals in a less than a week. Additionally, in order to keep the custom touch found in store, each sandal will be sent with a “FIRST FIT ON US” card, which allows customers to send back the sandals with the adjustments needed, whether it’s loosening or tightening straps, at no extra cost. A shipping label is provided and Amanu will return the readjusted sandals to the customer for free.

Amanu customizable sandals website
There are more than 57,000 customizations that can be created.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amanu

“Being able to go online and create and build a sandal to me is just as exciting as it is in person,” Patrickson said. “In order to reach as many people as we would like so that they can make better choices for the environment, for their wardrobe, for their feet and their comfort, online [is the way to go].”

Still, even in the midst of macroeconomic uncertainty — impacting physical stores in particular — Patrickson believes in the power of human connection. Her Los Angeles shop is back open after closing in March.

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