This Shoe Store Owner Just Launched a Radio Show to Help Other Small Businesses

Arizona retailer Alan Miklofsky is swapping the fitting stool for the broadcast booth. The owner of Alan’s Shoes, a four-unit chain in Tucson, has taken to the airwaves with the launch of “Back to Business with Rob & Alan,” a Saturday morning talk radio show he co-hosts that provides information to businesses to help them get up and running as the country moves past the coronavirus crisis.

Miklofsky came up with the idea as a way to provide a community service while creating some buzz around his store. “The show has a lot to do with not just financially picking yourself up [post-COVID-19], but taking charge of your business and working in a positive way to move forward,” said Miklofsky, about the project which debuted on May 8, the same day he reopened for business.

Sharing the mike with Miklofsky is Rob Davidson, a former radio show host and owner of Davidson Advertising, which has been the retailer’s long-time advertising agent. “I came up with the idea and wrestled him into it,” said Miklofsky, about his newfound career.

“I was a little nervous but the audition went well,” said Miklofsky, about tweaking the show along the way. “But, we knew we could make it work.”

So far, show guests have included Darrell Dunham, market development director for the Arizona Daily Star, and Barbara Coffee, Economic Initiatives Director for the city of Tucson. On May 23, Steve Chucri, president of the Arizona Restaurant Association and Maricopa County supervisor, will be the featured guest.

According to Miklofsky, he and Davidson have so far covered timely topics such as how to tap into the specific benefits of the CARES Act related to small businesses. However, he emphasized that, moving forward, subjects will be more broad-based to carry the show past the current coronavirus event. The hosts also answer listener questions via phone or email.

In addition to 30-minute segments with guests, currently calling in from their homes for safety measures, the hour-long show includes news updates and casual banter between the co-hosts. In addition, there is a podcast version of the show available.

The show, which can be heard on KVOI 1030 AM The Voice at 9 a.m. Mountain Time, is funded from advertising sold by Miklofsky and Davidson, who then pay the station a fee for the air time and production costs.

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