Watch Cardi B Unfiltered as Ever — She Talks Confidence, Creating the Perfect Shoe, New Music & More in Exclusive Video

Cardi B is unfiltered as ever. In conversation with FN, the rapper opened up about her first sneaker collection with Reebok, cancel culture and what fans can expect from her upcoming second album. Keep reading to see what she had to say.

On the Perfect Shoe

“To me the perfect shoe is style and fashion, you know what I’m saying. I love comfortability but to me fashion is not always comfortable. My [Reebok] shoe is comfortable but say I want to come out with 7-inch platform sneakers and if it’s fashion, I’m going to put it out. I had to learn to walk in heels at a really early age. Because I loved heels I had to get comfortable. I could wear the most uncomfortable shoe and I’m just going to take it and love it because it’s fashion, it’s beauty, it’s amazing, it’s different. And it’s like a show stopper, I love show stoppers, like, ‘What are those?’ Yea these Reeboks, bitch.”

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Reebok’s Club C Cardi.
CREDIT: Jora Frantzis

On Reebok

“I remember when Reebok came out with hot pink, neon green styles and I wanted them so bad but I couldn’t afford them. My mom, she used to work and only wear black OG Reeboks and that’s all she wore. She’d wear the same pair for like three years,” she remembered. “Affordability is No. 1. I know where [my fans] stand. I wanted to make something so affordable so that they could have a piece of me. I always make sure it’s affordable even when it comes to my OnlyFans, my merch. I always say to keep in mind the price. These are my fans, I don’t want to be taxing my fans.”

On Success

When I do something positive and when I see my things selling out or my record doing pretty good, I get this crazy rush of happiness, but then it’s this rush of overwhelmingness that makes me want more [and] want more. I always wonder if I’m going to be satisfied. I can go to sleep with the No. 1 record, but I’m going to sleep, and thinking, ‘I need my other album to go No. 1.’ My sneaker sold out so fast; I need my next sneaker to sell out. I’m such an ambitious person. I feel like I lost so much. Now that I’m winning, it’s a very addicting feeling. And I love to win. I love it.”

On Cancel Culture

“It’s hard. There’s a lot that I want to keep to myself when it comes to my personal life but sometimes people get an inch of my personal life and they start with the rumors. I feel like I’m going to shut it down and address it. That’s always been my issue. Nowadays, you cannot even be real because if you don’t have the ‘popular answer’ then it’s the wrong answer and it could just jeopardize so many things, which is sad because I want to speak my shit. I want to be putting so many people in their place. There’s so many people that just have the most miserable comments and they want you to feel miserable with them. It’s so hard. My realness bothers them, [but] I don’t give a damn.”

On Confidence

“I stay confident because people can say I look like this or that but, then I look at myself and I be like, it can’t be true what they saying… You aren’t going to make me feel hurt about my motherfucking self. I may do a little tweak, nip and tuck, but it doesn’t mean I don’t love myself. I love myself.”

On the Next Album

“There’s pressure. Which is why I haven’t put out the second album. I haven’t rushed it. Everybody is waiting for that one little mistake. Everybody is dying to say this album is trash, her first one is better, I have to play it good and make sure it comes with sick everything.

On Building an Empire

“It’s something I can stand on. Like I did this, I did that. I always say I love making money and it’s for the money, but it’s just not even about the money anymore. The money is always going to come. It’s about the high you feel when you accomplish something. People will try to rob that from you, bring up your past or your flaws, but it’s like I don’t care because you can’t take away what I did. And I know my daughter is going to be like, ‘My mommy did this though. Yea, what your mom did?’”

Cardi B reebok club c cardi
A look at the Club C Cardi in three available colorways.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Reebok

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