Burberry’s UK Trench Coat Factory Will Produce Coronavirus Medical Supplies + More Aid Efforts Revealed

Burberry is helping fight the coronavirus — on three fronts.

The British luxury brand took to Instagram to reveal its aid plans to help the battle against the Coronavirus. The company broke down its efforts into three categories: hospitals, vaccinations, and community.

In the first post, the brand announced it is working to leverage the company’s supply chain to deliver 10,000 surgical masks to the U.K. National Health Service for the medical staff. The label also shared that it will be temporarily transitioning its trench coat factory in Castleford, Yorkshire, to produce non-surgical gowns and masks for patients in the U.K.

Burberry is also donating to fund research of a vaccine that could potentially help protect against COVID-19. These funds are going to University of Oxford, where the emergency vaccine development team is working to develop a product that could begin to be tested in human trials starting next month.

n the third and last Instagram post, the brand said it would donate to organizations, including FareShare and The Felix Project, that help address food poverty across the U.K.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, fashion brands continue to leverage their resources and pour funds into research, producing and delivering medical supplies, and supporting charitable initiatives to assist those unable to access basic necessities as a result of the outbreak.

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