Zappos Set Up a Coronavirus Hotline — Here’s the Unexpected Way it Will Help Customers Stressed About the Pandemic

Zappos is taking a step out of the box to offer aid amid the coronavirus crisis. The company, known for its friendly staff, has launched its new Customer Service Anything Hotline to help people find answers or solutions as they deal with the pandemic — and no purchase is required.

Tips include local restaurant delivery options to Netflix recommendations and finding grocery stores stocking essential items and supplies. But the outreach doesn’t stop there. Zappos’ customer service team is also available to simply chat with people about everyday issues or concerns.

Zappos is encouraging people all around the U.S. to take advantage of the service by calling 1-800-927-7671, and hitting option 3. Next, follow the prompt for “help with anything,” and you’re automatically connected to a Zappos team member.

The company has historically placed added emphasis on customer relations. In an interview in 2019 with FN, Steve Bautista, head of charity & employee engagement, recalled a phone call several years ago with one customer during the Christmas holidays. “She was in New York, and we started out talking about the weather and then about Broadway shows that she liked, ” she said. “I don’t think she even bought anything at the end of it, but it was just fun. That’s what makes our customers special, because they’ll sit on the phone with us and talk about the most random things — things that mean something to them. And then we build that connection with our experiences.”

Zappos’ other philanthropic efforts, part of its Zappos for Good platform, include programs that encourage people to donate gently used shoes, clothing, books, new toys. Its Kids in Need Foundation facilitates the donation of new school supplies and its Good for Good initiative allows customers to experience purpose-driven shopping with curated brands dedicated to charitable, sustainable and vegan lifestyles.

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