Superfeet is Offering Immediate Access to its Production Facilities to Make Medical Equipment for Coronavirus Fight

There are a wide range of ways the shoe industry is stepping up efforts to support the health-care industry in its fight against the coronavirus.

Insole maker Superfeet has opened its doors to those needing immediate access to 3D printers and/or production facilities to shore up long-term medical supply demand.  Superfeet and sister company Flowbuilt Manufacturing, are opening up capacity on their HP MuliJet Fusion printers and setting up a manufacturing line to produce life-saving medical equipment.

“The men and women who are our first line of defense when it comes to fighting COVID-19 are facing shortages of the protective gear necessary to keep them safe,” said John Rauvola, CEO and president of Superfeet. “We immediately looked at our machines and our team, and [we] knew we could do more to help. We’ve already started the process of prototyping several pieces for medical equipment with our 3D printers and are ready to help create solutions for those in need.”

The Ferndale, Wash.,-based company is requesting that anyone in need of related supplies reach out to covidresponse@superfeet.com, and the company will determine if it can be of assistance. Superfeet said it will not be taking any profit from the service but providing the items at cost.

Superfeet creates custom 3D printed insoles through FitStation, powered by HP, a hardware and software platform that captures 3D scans of the foot and uses pressure-mapping technology to create unique products. Consumers can visit an in-store Fitstation location to have their feet scanned and gait pattern captured to create a custom insole.

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