Here’s How Much Kanye West Says His Yeezy Empire Is Worth — And His Surprising Stake in Nike

Kanye West has reported his financial assets and liabilities — including a somewhat surprising stake in Nike Inc. — as part of his run for president as an independent candidate.

In recent filings with the Federal Elections Commission (first obtained by Business Insider), the rapper-slash-designer disclosed that Yeezy LLC was his largest asset and is worth “over $50 million.” The documents, which were forwarded to the United States Office of Government Ethics for review and certification, showed that Yeezy Apparel LLC and Yeezy Footwear LLC were also each valued at $50 million or more.

West’s financial empire, according to the forms, is worth at least several hundred million dollars: While his Yeezy entities dominate his list of assets (including Yeezy Marketing LLC, Yeezy Ventures LLC and Yeezy Construction Inc.), the entrepreneur also owns Mascotte Holdings Inc., which holds his music-related intellectual property and is valued between $5 million and $25 million, as well as content creation and publishing firm West Brands LLC, valued at up to $5 million.

What’s more, he has a stake in Adidas that’s worth between $25 million and $50 million, as well as another in Nike that’s in the range of $5 million through $25 million. He was listed in a leadership position at 29 different companies or firms.

As for debt and other financial burdens, West listed liabilities of up to $100 million, primarily in mortgages.

According to Forbes, West’s net worth is roughly $1.3 billion. That figure includes $1.26 billion from the Yeezy brand, which is owned entirely by the performer, and $102 million in real estate holdings, along with $90 million from his music label plus his recording and publishing rights.

Further, the money magazine estimated that his Adidas Yeezy line last year made about $1.3 billion in revenues, of which he took home approximately $140 million. In addition to its long-time partnership with Adidas, Yeezy has signed a multiyear deal with Gap, under which Yeezy will receive royalties and potential equity related to sales achievement.

Last month, West claimed to be worth $5 billion in an episode of “Cannon’s Class.” Speaking with podcast host Nick Cannon, he said, “I was on the Bloomberg list. They finally recognized that my net worth at that time was $3.3 billion. And then my net worth almost doubled after I did the Gap deal to $5 billion.”

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