Toms Shoes Founder Blake Mycoskie Launches New Wellness Business

The founder of Toms Shoes, which famously gave people free footwear for each pair it sold, wants to deliver something else: happiness.

Blake Mycoskie this week launched Madefor, a subscription-box wellness program.

The serial entrepreneur, who exited Toms in December when he ceded control of the company to creditors in a plan for debt relief, partnered with fellow adventure seeker and former U.S. Navy Seal Pat Dossett on a new business that aims to “help people not only learn but most importantly sustain positive habits and practices in their life,” he said.

Mycoskie told FN the idea came to them three years ago on a trip — similar to how Toms was hatched in Argentina —when they were both feeling burnt out and unfulfilled.

“I said to Pat, ‘If you could do anything in the world for work and you didn’t have to worry about money, and it would make an impact, what would you do?’” Mycoskie recalled.

Mycoskie said at the time he personally felt “rudderless and was trying to deal with modern living” and its constant distractions.

“I had checked all the boxes of life: I had built a company, I’d helped people, had a family,” he said. “These things that lead to supposed well-being and happiness I had done. And yet I hadn’t felt fulfilled.”

With that in mind, Mycoskie and Dossett assembled a team of doctors, scientists and life coaches to pinpoint the practices that may make people happier.

The result? A 10-month program that focuses on 10 healthy habits — ranging from rest and hydration to nature and gratitude — one month at a time. The entire program, which Mycoskie said helps people adopt a “growth mindset,” costs $750; or members could pay a monthly fee of $95. He said a few hundred people have already signed up.

While Mycoskie is motivated by his latest project, which is self-funded, he said he’s still passionate about the Toms movement — in fact, the former chief shoe giver said he could return to help new CEO Magnus Wedhammar.

“I’ve been in meeting with Magnus — he’s been running ideas by me about changes to the company,” Mycoskie said. “I’ve had calls with the new owners, too. It’s unclear right now if I will be more active in the business or not. I’m interested for sure. I think we’ll answer that question in the next 60 to 90 days. If I was a betting man, I do think it will happen in some capacity.”

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