Exclusive: Reebok Responds to UFC Fighter Sean O’Malley’s $3,000 Royalties Claim

Sean O’Malley is arguably the UFC’s fastest rising star and has a loyal fanbase that shows up to events wearing his gear. However, the fighter isn’t thrilled with the money he said he makes off of his merchandise that Reebok produces.

O’Malley was the guest on the most recent episode of “Food Truck Diaries,” hosted by comedian and former UFC fighter Brendan Schaub, which debuted on YouTube late Tuesday night. During their conversation, O’Malley said that Reebok makes millions of dollars off of his gear and he only makes thousands.

“I got royalties from Reebok. If I read it right — which I think I did, and I even sent it to my dad and I’m like, ‘Did I read this right?’ and he said yes, so unless we both can’t read — Reebok made over a million dollars on all my merch. I got like $3,000. I’m like, ‘What the f**k,'” O’Malley said on the show.

He continued, “It’s ridiculous. Well I’m like, ‘I thought I got 15%.’ [Reebok said], ‘Well, you get 15% of this, but of this, and then these guys get it and then you get 50% of that.’ I’m like, ‘Holy s**t, you’ve got to be f**king with me.’ Then they make all these sweet shirts on Reebok and I’m like, ‘Damn.’ I tell people, ‘Don’t buy that.'”

In an email sent to FN, Reebok has responded to O’Malley’s royalties claims.

“Royalties paid out on sales of co-branded UFC and Reebok merchandise are dictated by the contract between the individual fighter and the UFC,” the brand said in an email to FN.

O’Malley is undefeated in the UFC with a perfect 12-0-0 record inside the octagon. His most recent win was a spectacular one, a first-round knockout of Eddie Wineland at UFC 250 on June 6.

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