The Best Pantyhose That Look & Feel Great

Panty hose are typically made of a thinner, more sheer material than traditional tights. Often worn in office settings to avoid the look of bare legs, they can blend in with your skin tone when done in nude hues. Whether you opt for a skin-colored or black style, a good pair should be breathable yet tight enough to stay up. And ideally, they should be durable so you can wear them over and over without experiencing runs or snags. Since there are tons of options to choose from on the market, we’ve done the shopping for you and rounded up some great panty hose that fit the above criteria.

1. No Nonsense Sheer Hosiery

These pantyhose are made with premium nylon for softness and durability from waist to toe.

Pros: A wider waistband with spandex and a contoured gusset enhance comfort. These are available in three colors.

Cons: They might stretch out with frequent wear.

No Nonsense Women's Waist Sheer Toe Hosiery
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

2. L'eggs Everyday Panty Hose

This style is also rendered from nylon, making them smooth to the touch yet tough.

Pros:  These are designed with a reinforced panty for a great fit. They come in various colors to choose from.

Cons: They may run slightly small.


L'eggs Women's Everyday Regular Panty Hose
CREDIT: Amazon

3. Futuro Pantyhose

This pair features a silky nylon-spandex blend and offers mild compression (8-15  mm/Hg) to help improve circulation.

Pros: Reinforced toes and heels and a run guard ensures these last. A built-in brief-cut lace panty offers support.

Cons: Tall women with longer legs may find them too short.

Futuro Pantyhose
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

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