Best High Heel Protectors for Walking on Grass & Other Uneven Surfaces

Trying to walk on uneven surfaces in stilettos can be a real struggle: In grass, your heels sink and get stuck, while walking on cobblestone or gravel can damage your heels and even cause you to trip or fall. That’s where high heel protectors can be heaven sent. Typically made of rubber or plastic, these tiny tools slide over the tip of slim heels to create a more stable base as you walk and protect heels from damage. To make your shopping easier, we’ve rounded up some great high heel protectors you can buy. They’re designed to fit a range of heels and offer reliable stability thanks to features like thick rubber builds and anti-slip grip designs.


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1. GoGoHeel Stoppers Heel Protectors

The heel stoppers are made from flexible material. The bottoms are reinforced with extra layers to make heels more stable.

Pros: These stop high heels from sinking into grass, gravel, cobblestone, grates, wooden decks, sidewalk cracks and more.

Cons: These to be more bulky-looking that other products.

gogoheel heel protectors
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2. Maibtkey Shoe Heels Savers

Maibtkey uses high-quality rubber to create transparent protectors to stop heels from sinking.

Pros: With three different sizes (small, middle or large heel), you’ll find the right fit for any heel. They also have anti-slip stripes at the bottom to prevent you from sliding.

Cons: The package may not include directions.

maibtkey heel protectors
CREDIT: Amazon

3. Solemates Heel Protectors

Solemates heel protectors feature an hourglass shape to more seamlessly blend in with stilettos heels.

Pros: These also come as a pack with three sizes: narrow (6-8mm), classic (8-11mm) and wide (11-14mm).

Cons: Some may find these fit slightly loose on some heels.

soulmates, heels, protector, cap
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