Best Skiing Socks

A good pair of skiing socks will help keep you comfortable on the slopes, and that can enhance your performance. When shopping for a quality style, you’ll want to look for one that offers a snug yet unrestrictive fit, ample cushioning and is warm and soft to the touch.

All of our top picks fit these criteria. They’re made with cozy merino wool, which not only helps keep feet toasty but also moisture-free to prevent them from stinking. The material also makes them noticeably slimmer than options of the past for an overall better fit inside boots.

Ready to find your perfect match? Read on to shop our carefully curated selection.

1. Pure Athlete Ski Socks

Supremely lightweight, versatile, and reliably warm, these socks are a must for athletes at all levels.

Pros: They’re made with thermo-regulating technology to keep feet warm without overheating. They also feature a no-slip elastic cuff, seamless toe design for preventing blisters and strategically placed padding to protect your shins from bumps. They offer a low-profile, compressive fit, which means they also work well for a range of other outdoor activities, including snowshoeing, camping and even winter runs.

Cons: These tend to run small. While suitable for most cold-weather conditions, they may not be warm enough for below-zero temperatures because their merino wool content is somewhat low.

Pure Athlete Ski Socks
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2. Musan Wool Ski Socks

We love that these affordable socks extend partially over the knee for extra coverage. They’re also ultra-warm and feature padding on the heel for optimal comfort.

Pros: A sturdy elastic cuff and weave help keep the socks in place. Meanwhile, a seamless toe design prevents painful rubbing. They’re also surprisingly durable for the price.

Cons: Some users may find these socks are on the thicker side. They only come in large and XL sizes for men and women.

Musan Wool Ski Socks
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3. Darn Tough Vermont Ski Socks

Darn Tough Vermont is known for its quality performance socks, and this ski-ready pair from the brand doesn’t disappoint. It’s warm, supportive and offers a next-to-foot feel.

Pros: These are made with 67% merino wool, making them great for keeping feet toasty while outdoors for long periods of time. They feature elastic arch support and high-density cushioning along the calf, heel and toe areas for enhanced comfort. What’s more, they include a seamless toe design and integrated ribbed zones for relieving pressure.

Cons: These socks are on the shorter side.

Darn Tough Vermont Ski Socks
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