Best Running Socks for Comfort, Compression & Distance

Runners love the latest gadgets that help them go faster and farther. No matter how many miles you log, don’t ignore the basics: a good pair of running socks. That’s why we’ve done the research and curated three pairs that will perfectly pamper your feet, manage moisture and block out blisters.

1. Balega Hidden Comfort No-Show Running Socks

For runs on a hot summer day or crisp fall morning, Balega has you covered. The brand continues to offer runners comfortable socks at affordable prices — and in a variety of color patterns.

Pros: The socks are super stretchy and affordable. Their seamless toe box design helps prevent blisters underfoot and wards off chafing on top. The brand’s microfiber mesh ventilation panels also keep feet dry for long periods of time.

Cons: While the padding in the heel adds extra softness, runners may prefer padding elsewhere as most try to hit the ground with either their mid- or forefoot on each stride.

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2. Swiftwick-Aspire Zero

Swiftwick caters to the runner or cyclist who craves compression socks made of thinner materials that adjust to your stride.

Pros: The socks excel at dealing with sweaty feet, thanks to lots of breathability and a lightweight fiber that wicks away moisture. The compression features support muscles in the feet, helping to reduce fatigue.

Cons: Swiftwick’s lightweight, thin sock lacks cushioning.

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3. Bering Women's Running Socks

Bering uses a mix of materials in its socks — polyester, spandex, nylon and rubber — that adds cushy comfort and protection. Plus, the socks are equipped with breathable mesh for excellent ventilation.

Pros: These socks stay up. Their heel tab helps hold up the socks, preventing then from slipping in the back, which could lead to blisters.

Cons: Some wears may find they fray after multiple washes.

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