The Best Compression Arch Sleeves

If you’ve been suffering from pain due to lack of arch support, we might have just the solution for you. Here, FN compiled a list of some great compression sleeves to help you enjoy being on your feet more often. Our picks are designed specifically to help reduce knee pain and general inflammation while boosting blood circulation in anyone standing for long periods of time such as nurses, construction workers and teachers.

1. Copper Compression Arch Support Sleeves

The copper also makes this pair moisture-wicking, which helps reduce foot odor.

Pros: The fabric is just tight enough so you can feel the compression but still retain mobility, making them helpful for relieving plantar fasciitis pain and fallen arches.

Cons: The ridges may leave a mark on your skin after wear.

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CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

2. Foots Love Copper Arch Support Sleeves

The sleeves are crafted with a special blend of copper fabric, which helps relieve sore muscles, improve blood circulation and even help reduce foot odor.

Pros: Compression is made to mimic the bow of the natural arch, and they’re soft-yet-durable, anti-itch and odor resistant.

Cons: These can be slightly tight.

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CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

3. Brison Compression Arch Support Braces

They have an ergonomically designed brace that uses elastic materials so it stretches to fit the shape of your unique foot.

Pros: It comes with two added arch support gel insoles that can be worn in open-toe shoes like sandals and heels for continuous support.

Cons: These may have a looser fit.

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CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

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