9 Underbed Storage Units to Help You Tidy Up and Save Space

Living in a small space (or simply being a packrat) can make organizing your things tricky. However, the area under your bed carries infinite possibilities.

Depending on the height of your bed, you can fit a range of storage units underneath. But to truly maximize space and keep items pristine, you’ll want to be strategic about the ones you choose based on your storage needs. Below are some key styles to look out for, whether you’re planning to tuck away footwear, clothing or even bedsheets:

  • Wheeled boxes: These help keep goods out of sight but feature wheels if you need to get something out of them. They’re also typically available in large sizes and lock tight to keep bugs and dust out – making them great for protecting personal documents and valuables.
  • Vacuum bags: For items you plan to put away for the season like hefty coats and blankets, vacuum bags are essential. A pump provided will suck the air out of the bags to reduce bulk, allowing you to save up to 80 percent more space.
  • Shoe organizers: Large shoe collections call for special shoe organizers. These typically feature individual compartments to keep pairs clean and prevent them from getting crushed.
  • Baskets: Odds and ends can stylishly be stored in wicker baskets, which won’t disrupt the aesthetic of your room if you don’t have a bedskirt (or aren’t willing to invest in one).

Read on to shop a range of handy under-bed compartments to help make the most of your square footage.

For Shoes: Woffit Under-the-Bed Shoe Organizer (Set of 2)

Able to fit up to 12 pairs of shoes, this organizer is made of durable nonwoven fabric to prevent rips and tears — plus a clear vinyl top for easy visibility.

Woffit Under The Bed Shoe Organizer
Woffit under-the-bed shoe organizer.
CREDIT: Amazon

For Linens: Sleeping Lamb Underbed Storage (Set of 3)

Ideal for towels, sheets and other linens, these units are made of breathable antimold fabric to prevent items from smelling like mildew. They also feature reinforced handles and a foldable design to make lifting, moving and stacking a breeze. 

Sleeping Lamb Underbed Storage 
Sleeping Lamb underbed storage.
CREDIT: Amazon

For Customization: Homz Long Underbed Wood Storage

This sturdy wood bin can hold up to 30 pounds and includes convenient wheels and a chalkboard front for labeling.

Homz Long Underbed Wood Storage
Homz Long underbed wood storage.
CREDIT: Amazon

For Airtight Security: WorldGoodsCorp Plastic Storage Bin (Set of 4)

Plastic bins are the way to go if you want airtight storage. These 66-quart bins will help keep everything from pictures to electronics pristine, while make packing a cinch, thanks to convenient wheels. 

WorldGoodsCorp Plastic Storage Bin
WorldGoodsCorp plastic storage bin.
CREDIT: Amazon

For Compartmentalization: Magicfly Agicfly Underbed Storage

The five separate compartments on this option will help you stay uber-organized with your clothes, making it simple to separate dress shirts from T-shirts and more. The clear window views also allow you to quickly see everything stored inside the bin by simply lifting your bedskirt.

Magicfly Agicfly Underbed Storage
Magicfly Agicfly underbed storage.
CREDIT: Amazon

For Bulky Winter Gear: SpaceSaver Premium Vacuum Bags

If you have seasonal items to store like winter coats and blankets, these vacuum bags will be a lifesaver. These bags also feature a double zip to keep air out and antimicrobial materials to prevent mold and mildew from forming.

SpaceSaver Premium Vacuum Bags
SpaceSaver premium vacuum bags.
CREDIT: Amazon

For All-Around Use: Zober Underbed Storage Bag (Set of 2)

Tuck away blankets, clothes and more in these large units, which not only feature an eco-friendly, printed fabric but double zippers for ease of access.

Zober Underbed Storage Bag
Zober underbed storage bag.
CREDIT: Amazon

For Knickknacks: Juvale Nesting Storage Baskets

These stylish nesting baskets, complete with a wicker exterior and cloth lining, are great for storing books, magazines and other miscellaneous items under your bed.

Juvale Nesting Storage Baskets
Juvale nesting storage baskets.
CREDIT: Amazon

For Under Raised Beds: AmazonBasics Foldable Storage Cubes (Set of 6)

Bed risers will help you increase your storage space even more by elevating the bed several inches off the floor. These ultralightweight bins are ideal for fitting under raised beds and can work as open-top bins or drawers when used with a storage cube organizer.

AmazonBasics Foldable Storage Cubes
AmazonBasics foldable storage cubes.
CREDIT: Amazon

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