Best Stackable Shoe Bins for Organizing Your Footwear

Whether placed up high on a closet shelf or tucked away in a corner, stackable shoe bins are great for maximizing floor space and keeping your footwear organized. When shopping for shoe bins, you’ll want to opt for clear designs so you can easily find the pair you want when it’s time to put together an outfit. These bins should also be made of tough plastic so they’ll last you awhile, and include handy features like snap-top closures and recessed handles for easy transport. Even better if they’re ventilated so stinky footwear can air out while in storage. Considering all this, we’ve rounded up some of the best stackable shoe bins you can buy.

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1. Sterilite Storage Bins

Available as packs of two, six, eight or 12 bins, these feature indexed lids for stability when stacking heavier loads, plus recessed handles that allow for an optimal grip when lifting.

Pros: These are offered in two sizes to choose from: a 6-quart option that’s 13.63 by 8.25 by 4.88 inches and a 16-quart option measuring 16.75 by 11.88 by 7 inches.

Cons: High-top kicks may be hard to fit into the smaller size.

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2. Iris USA Pull Boxes

This style features built-in handles for easy removal from shelves and are available in five-quart to 72-quart options to suit a range of needs.

Pros: The larger options can store tall boots. Buckle latches help keep the lid secure. You can buy these as a pack of four, six, or ten bins, or as a combo pack with three different sizes (19, 32 and 53 quarts).

Cons: Some users may find the handles can pop off.

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3. Élever Neatly Shoe Boxes

Available as a set of 12, these feature a built-in ventilation system to keep foul odors at bay. They open from the front and are collapsible.

Pros: They’re offered in a medium size, which can fit up to a women’s size 9.5 shoe and heels up to 3.5 inches tall, and an extra-large size, which can fit up to a men’s size 14 shoe.

Cons: They may be a little tricky to assemble.

elever shoe bins
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4. I&D Designs Shoe Bins

These clear bins also feature ventilation holes in the back to keep shoes fresh. The doors on these open in the front so you can conveniently identify pairs.

Pros: Available in packs of six, they come in three sizes. The smallest option fits up to a women’s size 9.5 shoe, the medium up to a size 10.5 shoe and the largest option up to a size 15 shoe.

Cons: Some may find they could be sturdier.

I&D Designs Shoe Bins
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

5. Boxforia Se of Shoe Boxes

Each ventilated box connects either horizontally or vertically to fit your space. The convenient door design lets you quickly grab your shoes.

Pros: These come as a set of four units measuring about 14 by 10 by 7 inches, which means they’re able to fit most shoes up to a men’s size 13 and are ideal for women’s pumps.

Cons: They only come as a set of four.

boxforia storage set
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6. Whitmor Clear Vue Shoe Storage Bins

These clear styles are made of heavy-duty plastic and feature ventilation holes. They pop open via a front flap, so you don’t have to unstack them to get to the pair you want.

Pros: They come in a four-pack and can also be folded flat to save space when not in use. Measuring 11.75 x 7.38 x 3.75 inches, these fit a range of styles, even 5-inch heels.

Cons: These won’t accommodate tall boots.

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