Best Stackable Drawers for Shoes

Storing shoes in stackable drawers is a great way to maximize your closet space. Good ones should be made of durable plastic that’s built to last and keep unwanted dust and moisture out. They should also be translucent so you can easily identify the contents. In an effort to help you find the perfect drawers to organize your footwear, we did some research and rounded up a few of our favorite options on the market. Each of our picks is easy to assemble and can hold most shoe styles, from sneakers to high heels.

1. IRIS Stacking Drawers

These six-quart drawers are made of durable, lightweight plastic; they measure 13 inches long, 8.5 inches wide and 5.38 inches high.

Pros: Grooves in the lid allow you to securely stack multiple units. They should slide open effortlessly.

Cons: Some may find the pull tab at the bottom awkward.

IRIS Stacking Drawers
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2. LifestyleEssential Shoe Drawers

These have a simple interlocking design that connects each plastic drawer together for convenient carrying.

Pros: A reinforced frame deliver extra stability so it can hold up to 120 pounds. Both are able to fit most men’s and women’s shoes up to size 13. Drop front doors with a magnetic closure provide easy access to shoes. Ventilation holes in each unit allow air to circulate naturally.

Cons: They don’t include great installation instructions.

LifestyleEssential shoe drawers stackable
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3. Zoddle Shoe Drawers

These drawers each measure 13.18 by 9.25 by 5.2 inches and are constructed of thick, protective polypropylene.

Pros: The doors each have a hole that serves as a handle to open them. The frame is reinforced for stable support. They’re also big enough to fit a men’s size 13 shoe.

Cons: They aren’t completely transparent.

zoddle shoe drawers
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